Earthquake Strikes Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula


A 4.6 magnitude earthquake has struck off the Kamchatka peninsula in Russia’s far east, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). The quake struck at 09:42:53 UTC July 27.

There have been no reports of casualties or damage.

The area where the quake struck is sparsely populated. The city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy on the Kamchatka peninsula is the only significant population center. It is known for its active volcanoes.

According to the USGS, the area is considered one of the most seismically active regions in the world.

In May 2013, a powerful earthquake estimated to be of the magnitude of 8.3 struck the area. Reports say tremors were felt across Russia. However, it was not clear if the tremors were linked to the specific earthquake. Reports say the shaking was felt as far as Moscow, approximately 4,500 miles to the west.

According to reports, the strength of the earthquake was rare, even on this Russia’s most active geological fault.

By Perviz Walji