IRS Political Targeting Scandal: Democrats, Media Desperate to Shut It Down as Links to White House Emerge

IRS building
A damning indictment of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) continues to emerge Thursday, during a Congressional investigation into the agency’s targeting of Conservative organizations. Congressional Democrats and their friends in the mainstream media are desperate to shut this investigation down as details linking the IRS strategy to the White House emerge. The Democrats are arguing that delays in processing applications for tax-exempt status from TEA Party and other ‘patriot’ groups – plus the extra scrutiny that these groups were submitted to – was merely a result of a dramatic increase in such applications. Such an excuse completely ignores the fact that only groups with Conservative political leanings were subjected to such intimidation; no Left-leaning groups have reported having their applications delayed.

The mainstream media is completely ignoring the hearings, in the same way that they have ignored every major scandal that has plagued this administration, such as Operation Fast and Furious; the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi – which killed the US ambassador and three other Americans – whilst President Obama went to bed and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ignored requests for help; the IRS leaking the tax records of President Obama’s political opponents to Left-wing activist groups and the National Security Agency (NSA) being allowed to spy on American citizens, anytime and for any reason.

As more and more evidence, including direct admissions by current and former IRS employees, that Conservative groups were deliberately singled for extra scrutiny, questioning and procedural delays – and that the decision to do this came from much higher up than any IRS field office – one thing has become very obvious to Conservatives, Republicans and Libertarians; the White House, whether it can ever be ‘proven’ or not, was behind such a strategy.

The President of the United States is both the Chief Executive and the Commander-in-Chief. He is, ultimately, responsible for every action taken by a federal agency. Whilst George W. Bush was in the White House, Liberals held him personally responsible for everything bad that happened, economically and socially, in the US. Almost five years after he left office, Bush continues to be blamed, by the current President and most of his supporters, for everything that is wrong with the country, ; this, despite a never before seen level of government spending and new regulation, accompanied by assertions that such measures would fix the economy.

By the Left’s own standards, therefore, President Obama is ultimately responsible for the actions of the IRS; were Bush still in office, and were left-wing groups subjected to IRS intimidation, not one voice on the Left would be raised in agreement that ‘rogue agents’ acted alone, without the knowledge of the Executive branch.

According to a report in the Washington Post, IRS lawyer Carter Hull told congressional investigators that his superiors informed him that the chief counsel’s office, headed by Obama-appointee William Wilkins, needed to subject certain applications to additional review because of potential political activity. Under IRS rules, no organization can be granted tax-exempt status if more than 50 percent of their activity is political in nature. Once again, it should be noted that no left-wing organizations had been subjected to this scrutiny.

It should also be noted that IRS officials have already now admitted that such politically motivated targeting was, indeed, being carried out: That the terms ‘TEA Party’, ‘patriot’ and ‘9/12’ were used by the IRS as ‘BOLO’ (be on the lookout) terms. This has been confirmed by numerous IRS employees at various levels within the agency.

The White House, whilst not denying this, contends that Wilkins himself was not involved in any meetings related to these additional reviews. The common refrain from this administration, in every situation, is that the people at the top of the ladder are, somehow, always completely unaware of decisions made by their staff. It begs the question; why does the US government even have an executive branch when, by its own contention, it makes no decisions and is not, in any way, involved in running the country?

An additional question might be; why is anyone reading the mainstream media, when they constantly refuse to report on some of the most important political issue of the day?

As the Democrats and their media subjects desperately try to shut down the IRS targeting scandal and links to the White House continue to emerge, the American people should be asking themselves; if the previous President’s administration was so directly culpable in every event that damaged the nation, then why is the current President’s administration so completely detached and uninvolved?

Chairman of the congressional oversight committee Darrell Issa (R-CA) – thankfully – has no intention of allowing this scandal to go away. The mainstream media ignores it to their peril; when the congressional hearings are concluded – and the findings released – they will be placed in the embarrassing position of having to either completely ignore the findings or, or report the findings of a congressional investigation that they, in effect, pretended did not take place.


An editorial by Graham J Noble

4 Responses to "IRS Political Targeting Scandal: Democrats, Media Desperate to Shut It Down as Links to White House Emerge"

  1. kevin b   July 19, 2013 at 5:36 pm

    and don’t forget banghazi, every democrat needs voted out of office in the next election……sad thing is, i don’t trust a lot of republicans either

    • Graham Noble   July 20, 2013 at 1:25 am

      I agree that there are few Republicans who can be trusted.

      …and, no, we will not forget Benghazi!

  2. Chris Buffington   July 18, 2013 at 7:34 pm

    I am ashamed that I have to read a British newspaper to learn about the truth of what is going on in my country.

    • Graham Noble   July 19, 2013 at 12:02 am


      It is not an uncommon mistake; however, the Guardian Express is a Las Vegas, NV based company and is in no way affiliated with The Guardian newspaper.

      We are fast becoming one of the leading news websites in the US. In addition to publishing news articles, we are committed to publishing political analysis and editorials from both sides of the political divide. We are not owned by a corporation and have no affiliation with any political organization. Our editorial policy follows no agenda, other than the truth.

      As author of this article – and Senior Editor for world news and politics, I can personally assure you that the Guardian Express will not hide or ignore what is happening in this country.

      You may be assured that, here, you will be able to read about those developments that are important to you.



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