Justin Timberlake’s Video Exposed Nipples and Breasts A YouTube Scandal

Nobody Is Going To Listen

Justin Timberlake's Video Exposed Nipples and Breasts A YouTube Scandal

Yesterday it was reported that YouTube removed Justin Timberlake’s music video because it had explicit content. (This content being naked breasts and exposed nipples.) But it is not turning into a scandal. Many people are complaining that Justin used this YouTube incident to get more exposure. The public at large isn’t impressed with his new song, and they understand that the attractive women are being used to make a boring song interesting. In addition Team Justin knew very well that YouTube would have a problem with it, but posting the video there anyway in order to garner free publicity.

Some Internet users said: “The video is horrible, the choreography is non existent, the message in the song doesn’t make sense (tunnel vision for 3 people?) and it’s repetitive to the extreme. On top of that, it’s 7 minutes long, which is way too long for a song. If it were used as art it may be different but it was just used to show women naked for views. Trying to be “modern” is completely different then displaying pornography in a song where the singer is only in 2 minutes of the 7 minute song.” Therefore in this commenter’s opinion the scandal isn’t that nipples, and breasts are exposed but that YouTube is being used to promote Justin Timberlake’s video.

Another, female user, added:  “Big whoop tits… half the population has ’em (women plus chunky men)… yet we can see people being shot, heads blown off etc.  You tube accessibility should be based (and I think it is) on age.  Either way, its just a set of boobs… and I’m female and not offended.”

Most news outlets are reporting that the video is explicit, and should be banned. However for most people the video isn’t shocking at all. There are many rap videos which degrade women and are quite offensive. (Including the lyrics.) However almost nobody is talking about those videos anymore. We have grown to accept them. It’s clear that if you are a rapper you have half naked or totally naked women hanging around you all the time.

It looks like Justin Timberlake is trying to create a buzz around his otherwise boring new music video. These types of tactics aren’t new. Tucker Max used a similar strategy when he wanted to get attention for his movie. He hired people to vandalize his movie posters and incited fans to protest against his own creation. He even wanted to get his own movie banned. Unfortunately it didn’t work out exactly as he had planned. His movie wasn’t a success, and the same fate will probably await Mister Timberlake’s new song. Because no matter what YouTube says about a scandal, or how many breasts and nipples are exposed; if the song and the video aren’t good, nobody is going to listen or purchase Justin Timberlake’s products.

What do you think? Is it a pity Justin is resorting to these tactics? He used to be so popular and hitting the music-hit-nail right on his head every time. However as of late it has been quiet around Justin. Maybe he lost his touch, maybe it’s just a lull and will he return with a vengeance.

By Georgina Pijttersen


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