Pacific Rim: Ron Perlman’s New Direction in Life

ron perlman
Pacific Rim, most discussed film so far, tied a knot between the duo Guillermo Del Toro and Ron Perlman. According to Ron, it’s nothing but love that compelled him to work on Pacific Rim. Ron thinks “the ordinary, humble, sweet sort of regular guy” called Del Toro changed the direction of his life and he rediscovered himself with his touch. Ron Perlman – always a favorite of Del Toro – described Pacific Rim as ’emancipation’ from his middle age crisis. It was a breathtaking experience for him slipping into the skin, scars, and tattoos of Hannibal Chau and it gave him a new direction in the ocean of life.

“I loved Guillermo Del Toro from the minute I met him but the levels of admiration grew…every single time I work with him, he’s asking me to reach for something else and be different invention of myself.”, he remembers. And that’s why, when the Pacific Rim project came out of the blue, he had to welcome it with open arms.

In his words, “I was coming off a middle life crisis. I had been away for three years, I was not answering my phone, I was completely directionless, I was completely without energy, I was thinking about getting out of the business. Everything that had driven the first half of my life completely died like a camel. And then, outof the blue this package came with a letter and a script from Guillermo Del Toro”. So, he rediscovered himself and a new horizon of life with it. Pacific Rim Truly gave him a new direction in life, relieving him from middle age crisis. He understood that a little bit of acting is still left inside him.

The character Hannibal is more like Del Toro than him, he jokes, “Everything about Hannibal you see on screen was conceived by Guillermo. He told me he wanted this guy to be very theatrical, with a lot of flair”.  Perlman abides by the rules Del Toro had fixed. For the first time he plays a human character in a Del Toro Film. So, Pacific Rim will always be close to his heart.

In Pacific Rim, his character sports a scar and lots of tattoos. Perlman thinks the large amount of make up and prosthetics didn’t hinder his performance. He finds meaning with every single tattoo or scar. “Well, there’s nothing that’s applied to me in a del Toro movie is random”, he adds, “The tattoos on my fingers were all birds which means flying fists, which means this was a guy that at one point was a gangster. So, it gave me a back story. Every tattoo had some meaning to it”.  Inked Ron is more sexy to look at, said his fans. Showcasing tattoos has already gained importance in movies.

The scar gave Hannibal’s character a new significance, a whole new meaning. Del Toro’s man of the movie described the scar as an important way of depicting the character, “The scar was because of some sort of thing that happened where I got too close to my money pit, the Kaiju. You know the fallen Kaiju hadn’t quite fallen yet. And the dark glasses were to hide that from the world.”

Perlman adds, “I don’t have any vulnerability. Because a guy like Hannibal Chau refuses to believe he’s wrong or weak. So, it was all placed there for me to inform the persona.”

So, Guillermo Del Toro’s favorite man – a man of many hats – finally becomes ‘human’ in a Del Toro movie. The movie has started winning battles on screen. Now, it’s Perlman’s turn to win the battles of life; to rejuvenate and bring the ‘camel’ back to life, which was about to die with directionless Ron Perlman. With Pacific Rim, he wears another hat with another feather a new direction of life.

Written by: Jayeeta Shamsul