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‘The Conjuring’ is Summer’s Hottest Horror Movie

The Conjuring scary movie

Far too often, advertisements promote “this year’s scariest film!” Fans attend the movie and before you know it, a screaming dud is all that is produced. For fans of ‘Poltergeist’ and ‘The Exorcist’ the newest summer’s horror movie is calling your name. ‘The Conjuring’ is directed by none other than the brilliant mind behind the ‘Saw’ franchise, James Wan and opens at national theaters today.

The premise of the story-line surrounds a family who moves into a darling 18th century Rhode Island house during the year of 1971. The story, is reportedly based on true accounts of events that happened to the family. Unexplained instances begin happening almost immediately to the family. The dead dog, the kids, kind of being yanked out of their bed by the invisible fingers of evil and many more heart jumping scenes.

‘The Conjuring’ while along the premise of ‘The Haunting in Connecticut,’ really make creepy details intricate and scary. Knowing the hunger of American movie goers, Wan delivers horror from the start of movie to the spine-tingling end. The ‘Perron’ family are introduced early in the film. Ron Livingston and Lili Taylor are cast in the parental roles.

The movie is a refreshing approach with a moderate budget, good actors and a strong story-line. Personally, this writer was highly unimpressed with the sub-par and overly dramatic ‘Blair Witch Project’ copycat called ‘Paranormal Activity.’ This summer, ‘The Conjuring’ seems to bring maturity back to its development, creative ability and opportunity to allow a good, scary movie to finally win in the box office.

The summer release has already scored an 88 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which is pretty impressive from the overly critical site. Wan wants fans to embrace the aspect of detail with plenty of jumpy scenes to follow:

“I think that’s a lot scarier because your imagination tends to fill in the blanks,” he says. “A character can be staring up into the darkness behind a room door and you just see the fright on their face. That’s scarier than showing you what’s behind the door.”

Wan, by considerable measure is a very young director at the age of 36, but he has developed a substantial fan base resulting from his movies.  From the 2004 release of ‘Saw,’ ‘Insidious’ and ‘Dead Silence,’ the director is looking forward to hearing the response of fans from his newest release. In 2010, ‘Insidious’ left fans in a cliffhanger, one Wan looks to remedy this fall. In September, ‘Insidious 2’ will be released. Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne will be reintroduced as parents of ‘Dalton Lambert’ played by Ty Simpkins.

For now, fans are gathering at movie theaters all over the country today to watch ‘The Conjuring.’ The camera provides an illustrative mode to enhance fear by closing in slowly and displaying factors of horror from different angles. Scary movie fans will be holding their breath to experience the next scene. The aspect of the unseen with a few blurred shots of demonic figures really makes ‘The Conjuring’ a true flash-back of great movie making. Although there will be people that hate it, those of us who enjoy and were enraptured in cult classics like ‘Poltergeist,’ and ‘The Exorcist,’ will be looking to escape the summer heat by immersing ourselves into this wickedly delightful horror movie.

Angelina Bouc