5 Simple Practices for Rejuvenation in Ten Minutes(video)

5 Simple Practices for Rejuvenation in Ten Minutes
Exercise feels good and is great for both the body and the mind. Sometimes it is hard to get to the gym or the yoga center to engage in an activity you know will improve the quality of your day and your life. Those at-home work-out videos and yoga DVD’s just don’t seem to cut it and you want to do something for your body every day. What can be done? You are in luck! An ancient Tibetan practice called The Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation includes 5 simple practices you can do every day in about ten minutes to keep your body and mind in tip top shape.

These simple practices used to be a well-guarded secret by Tibetan monks, but now are available for anyone to learn.  They are extremely easy to pick up, practical to apply and the benefits multiply exponentially the longer you do them.  The Five Tibetan Rites take only a few minutes to accomplish and can promote youthfulness, mental clarity and full body flexibility.

According to the Tibetans, the reason we age is in direct correlation with the spin of our chakras – or the energy vortexes situated along the spinal chord.  In a very healthy and youthful person, these centers are thought to spin at incredible speeds.  When they slow down, you see dis-ease, aging and finally death.   For how simple these practices are, no one ought to have the excuse of not enough time to practice.  Everyone can participate, to the extent that you are flexible, and over-time your body will open up even more, allowing you to complete more repetitions.

The five rites consist of five simple moving poses, done from 3-22 times each.  It is recommended not to do each pose more than 22 times as you can throw yourself off balance the other direction, with too quick a chakra spin as well.  It is advised to start with 3 of each pose the first week and add two more every week until you reach the maximum.

The poses:

  1. Spinning Clockwise:  anchoring one foot to the floor, find a focal point on the wall or elsewhere and begin to rotate the body in a clockwise fashion.  Find your point each time you make a round.  Start with seven rotations and build up to more.  After you are complete, stand still, looking straight ahead in order to regain balance.
  2. Downward Dog to Upward Dog:  If you are familiar with yoga poses, you know downward dog, or mountain pose.  With hands and feet on the floor, the pelvis is reaching up toward the ceiling, the body in a triangular shape.  Inhale in this position and then shift weight forward into the arms as the pelvis reaches for the floor, upper body lifting to look up at the ceiling – into upward facing dog.  This is the exhale portion of the pose.  Move between the two positions your allotted number of times.
  3. Camel pose:  Again, a popular yoga position.  Standing up on the knees, with legs spread apart, feet reaching behind and arms supporting the thighs from the backside.  Take the gaze upward, opening the heart center toward the ceiling, inhale.  Exhale, fold forward toward the floor, dropping the upper body down and bending the knees.  Repeat.
  4. Table-top pose:  Sitting with legs together and extended in front of the body, arms reaching down to the ground with fingers facing forward and back straight, inhale.  Lift up the pelvis and reach the knees toward the feet, straightening out the torso as the gaze moves upward, exhale.  Repeat the pose up to your desired number.
  5. Leg lifts: Lying down on the back with legs extended, slip the hands under the top of buttocks for low-back support and inhale.  On the exhale, lift the legs and the head, keeping shoulders and hips on the ground.  Lower the head and shoulders before the next breath in.  Repeat.

These are the poses.  When you have completed all five simple practices, it is best to lay down flat on the floor and rest, allowing the body to integrate and rejuvenate from the movements, which has taken roughly ten to fifteen minutes.  You can do this any time of the day or night, as long as your stomach is empty.  The more repetitions you add, the more time spent may increase, but only by several minutes or so.  Though as you become more flexible, the time needed to complete each pose seems to lessen.

These five simple practices can help you rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit in just ten minutes everyday.  The poses have been found to arrest the aging process, clear the mind and improve the over-all health of the body by getting the blood flowing, organs massaged and the endocrine glands reset.  The main energy centers of the body, known as chakras, are all triggered to spin at a higher rotation, helping to ensure good health and a happy state of mind.

Here is a short video demonstrating the poses, which can really be done in any order:

Known benefits of practicing the five Tibetan rites of rejuvenation are: reduced stress, improved flexibility and strength, slowed aging, turning back the clock, calming of the mind, breathing improvement, enhanced focus and more! You can accomplish these 5 simple practices for rejuvenation in about ten minutes every day. Give it a try, it can only get better from here!

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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