Patrick Stewart’s Viral Video Quadruple Master Class

Patrick Stewart Viral Video Quadruple Master Class

Patrick Stewart Viral Video Quadruple Master Class

Sir Patrick Stewart OBE is better known to a plethora of fans as Jean Luc-Picard from Star Trek or Dr Charles Xavier from the X-Men verse. He is also an actor whose pedigree is so impressive that it gives the rest of the members of the acting profession a complex. Whether it is voice acting, doing Shakespeare on-stage or film or television roles, Stewart is the cream of the crop. Now, we have Patrick Stewart giving a master class instruction to his girlfriend Sunny Ozell, in the art of the quadruple take. And we have the viral video below to help us all learn this remarkable feat.

His 35 year-old girlfriend posted the video to YouTube on Tuesday. The video shows the actor seated with his girlfriend’s feet resting on his knees, facing him with the camera. Netizens of Reddit immediately decided that Sir Patrick was stoned or high during the “private” acting lesson. We prefer to think that the 73 year-old thespian was just suitably relaxed. Or perhaps drunk with love and a few pints of beer.

While seated, Stewart shows Sunny how to do the single take; the double take and the triple take; his grand finish is the rarely used quadruple take. It appears that the actor has learned a thing or two about comedy in all his years of acting. While he actually does very little comedic film work, as he falls into the same gravitas category of actor as Morgan Freeman, he has still obviously learned a thing or two.

But Patrick Stewart does have one advantage over his peer Morgan Freeman, he has given a master class on the quadruple take and the video has gone viral.

While his girlfriend films the expert, he briefly runs over the “takes” that he has previously shown her. Stewart explains that the quadruple take, though “rarely used” in comedy, does still have a place. He then sets the scene for the multiple takes. Looking up and to his right he announces, “Her buns are the best!” A brilliant double entendre if ever there was one, he then performs the many different takes.

As you can see in the video, he doesn’t just make the announcement once and then react four times, he plays each “scene” from scratch, as it were. When he finishes up with his quadruple take, he actually gets a little carried away and he says, “I might have done a quintuple take,” as he lost count half-way through!

A lot of viewers have assumed that Sir Patrick was definitely a bit “too relaxed” as he performed his master class for his girlfriend. He could well be, but what is also amusing are some of the other comments. Many had nothing at all to do with the actor’s appearing to be stoned, drunk or high, they actually had to do with the age of his girlfriend Sunny.

Several were amazed that a 35 year-old woman would be going out with a 73 year-old man. One exclaimed that, “how on earth can Patrick Stewart get someone that young to go out with him?” Answers varied, but the most popular had to do with Sir Patrick being Sir Patrick. Or as one wit put it, “He’s Jean Luc-Picard, he can get any woman he wants!”

The video, which was uploaded on Tuesday has already had over a million views on YouTube. So Patrick Stewart has yet another feather to put in his already very decorated cap, he is now among the few who have a viral video. We have included the video below, just in case, you too want to learn how to do the quadruple take as taught by Sir Patrick Stewart in his “special and relaxed,” master class.

By Michael Smith
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