Republican Party Rep Warns of Doomsday, Urges Ammo Stockpile

Republican Party Rep Warns of Doomsday and Urges Ammo Stockpile

Republican Party Representative Matt Shea told a rally of patriots that they should stockpile weapons and ammunition in order to prepare for the “inevitable” occurrence of complete economic collapse in the United States. “We need to prepare for the inevitable collapse that is going to happen,” Shea said. “You know it’s going to happen. That’s right, I am a politician and I am standing up here and saying that. … When it happens, we need to look at this as an opportunity, not a crisis. Whose job is liberty? That’s our job.”

At “The Northwest Patriot and Self-Reliance Rally” over the weekend, he began his speech with a nod to his beliefs. “It’s great to be in God’s country,” he said. “Our hope is not in man; our hope is in Jesus Christ. Amen?” The crowd answered “Amen!” just before Shea told them they should purchase thousands of rounds of ammunition and learn how to operate firearms.

He urged the rally participants to be ready for an altercation with the government, saying, “be prepared at any given moment to give up your job to do what is right. You have to stand up for what is right – even if it means you have to stand up to your government.”

Shea had earlier stated that the United States government is planning to disarm all Americans and is actively building an extended network of camps. Shea was a guest on the Alex Jones radio show recently, and he discussed his concerns about government FEMA camps and Jones’ concern that the United States is heading toward “total federalization taking over every aspect of society”-

And most particularly disturbing about [the camps] is that they’re gonna be on former military bases… there’s some very eerie similarities between using pastors to pacify people now as happened in Nazi Germany. And I’ve done some research on that. There was a paper done by the Office of Strategic Services, the forerunner of the CIA, back at that time on how the Germans and the Nazi party, in particular, took the churches and turned them into a vehicle to help pacify people and bring them along with their agenda. And I think it’s very scary that that’s what’s being mentioned right now. As some people say, there’s nothing new under the sun…People need to wake up…they need to let their legislators know that they’ve had enough. This is looking too much like the precursor to Nazi Germany and communist Russia.

Shea said that many people have expressed concern to him that the FEMA camps are really going to be “prison camps.” He says that “people will be prepared to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ” if that happens. He also urged concerned citizens at the rally to be aware that their guns may be confiscated, and that they should be prepared by keeping in shape and participating in firearm drills.

On the radio show, Shea provided a hotline number for people to let their legislators know that they need to “reclaim sovereignty for states.” In addition, he says, individuals can prepare for the takeover by referencing a paper called “The Nazi Master plan, Annex Four, the Persecution of Christian Churches.” He agrees that “our gun laws are Nazi” and quoted Hitler saying, “If you take away guns from the people, they really can’t resist anymore.” He went on to say that the “fourth branch of checks and balances” in the United States is “a well-armed people.”

Alex Jones said that our current government appears to be “the most classic form of hard core tyranny.” Republican Rep Shea agreed, saying, “it really does…it really does.” Shea ended the segment by saying “I am going to defend the Republic from enemies; all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

By: Rebecca Savastio

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