Clown Terrorizes Town by Being Creepy

Clown Terrorizes Town by Being Creepy

If you’re scared of clowns, perhaps it is best that you read no further lest your dreams tonight turn into nightmares. Apparently, a horribly scary clown has been terrorizing a small town in the British hamlet of Northampton in the UK. He (or she?) has been appearing in the town and seems to stand around looking really creepy. A Facebook page has been created in the clown’s name and encourages people to “spot Northampton’s clown.” The page was set up last Friday- the 13th of course- and has people speculating wildly over the clown’s origin and purpose.

Town residents have been disturbed to see the clown standing around on the street in various locations waving at passersby and holding balloons. The creepy clown’s appearance has been noted to be almost identical to the clown from the book IT by author Stephen King. The clown has not broken any laws and has not approached anyone; so thus far, “it” has been free to roam the streets at any time of night. It stands on empty, darkened streets so that anyone turning a corner will see it, and it sometimes holds bouquets of flowers, waiting for unsuspecting pedestrians to pass by.

The clown has been taking to its Facebook page and saying rather benign things like how it will have to stop its activities “if it gets to be too much for people.” It has also denied that it is part of some sort of a publicity stunt, such as for a popular haunted house which is about to open nearby. The clown also asserts that it is just “having a bit of fun.”

Now, other town residents have started dressing up as various “clown catchers” and donning superhero-type outfits of their own. One man is calling himself “the clown catcher” has been spotted numerous times throughout the town.

The clown seems to want to reassure people that it means no harm and has been refuting rumors that it carries a knife, saying “Too much hate not enough love. No, I don’t have a knife on me! that’s just stupid rumors spread by stupid people. I’m also ‘not’ on twitter as it confuses the heck out of me. However, I might go for a jog around that pond in Abington Park later as I’m really unfit… See you around! Beep Beep!”

The creepy clown has spawned numerous “copycat clowns” around the small town, and one resident even said that two men in clown suits solicited her home asking if she needed her windows cleaned. The original clown denies any association to that incident.

Certainly, the image of the clown on a pitch black, empty street, just standing there dressed as “IT,” would be enough to give anyone the jitters, but for people who have a clown phobia, the possibility exists that a run-in with the clown could cause outright trauma. People who have a deep seated fear of clowns are said to have Coulrophobia, which is considered a real psychiatric disease for which sufferers often seek medical treatment.

Still, the clown insists it is all in good fun, and a creepy clown terrorizing a small town when it’s not even October yet sends the message that the Brits sure love to start Halloween early. However, if you happen to suffer from Coulrophobia, it might be best to skip the video of the creepy clown below.

By: Rebecca Savastio

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