J K Rowling New Beastly Screenplay

J K Rowling New Beastly Screenplay

J K Rowling New Beastly Screenplay

Fans of the Harry Potter verse will undoubtedly be excited and disappointed in the news that Potter creator J K Rowling is revisiting the world of magic and wizards. Because her newest story will have nothing to do with Harry and co. Instead Rowling will be writing a new “beastly” screenplay that is connected to the boy wizard through Hogwarts.

Readers of the popular Harry Potter books have been clamouring for another one but, so far, the 48 year-old author has resisted the urge to write another one. But on Thursday, Warner Brothers and Rowling made a joint announcement that should please fans. The bestselling author is to write her first screenplay for a new movie series that will be based on a Hogwarts school book titled Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Rowling posted on her author’s Facebook page that the film will be set in the world of witches and wizards where, as she says, “I was so happy for seventeen years.” She goes on to say that the film will not be a “prequel or a sequel” to Harry Potter, but an “extension” of the verse.

Apparently the movie will be about Newt Scamander, the fictional writer of the book, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The book was often referenced in the Harry Potter verse and it was actually published for fans in 2001. The book was reprinted in 2009 and sales from the book went to the charity Comic Relief.

According to the Harry Potter creator, the world of Newt Scamander will not be different from the world of Harry Potter. She says that the rules and traditions of the coexisting magic world will not be anything new to existing fans.

J K Rowling’s beastly new screenplay may seem familiar to folks who have religiously read every book or seen every Harry Potter film, but do not expect to see any familiar faces in the story just yet.

Because Newt’s adventures will be set seven decades before the story of the boy wizard. And his journey will begin in the “wilds” of New York. So Harry will not be making an appearance in the film although allegedly some familiar characters may be showing up.

It appears that Warner Brothers approached the writer about creating another Potter film and she explained that the “Beasts” idea actually evolved from that initial query. At this stage, there is no indication of how many films will be made using the Newt Scamander verse. Although Warners has revealed that they already have plans to turn the new film into a video game.

Considering that J K Rowling’s has always maintained that she would only revisit the Harry Potter verse if she had a really good idea, it seems that Warners request got those creative juices boiling. Although we cannot imagine that it took too much pushing from the studio to head the author in that direction.

J K Rowling’s new “beastly” screenplay will be her first ever endeavor as a screenwriter and it is rumoured that she has worked on Newt Scamander’s family tree and it could allow for some Harry Potter interplay in future films.

By Michael Smith
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