Justice Say “No” to Recreational Marijuana Use

Justice Say "No" to Recreational Marijuana Use
As of August 29, 2013, the United States Department of Justice , under the leadership of Attorney General Eric Holder, made the official announcement that it would not sue the states of Washington and Colorado for decriminalizing recreational marijuana use. That’s a very good thing, isn’t it, especially considering that the people of both states voted to decriminalize it in the first place? What’s the point of even having a popular vote, if those working for the People – many of whom are there due to the voting process – use our federal tax dollars to ignore it? Gosh, I’m starting to sound more and more Libertarian every day. As long as I’m not sounding like an Anarchist, there is still hope.

But it is truly a good thing, albeit long overdue, that the Feds are easing back on their assault on marijuana use in my state and Colorado, at least. Yes, this is a much welcomed good start. This ongoing War on Drugs, starting from Nixon through Reagan and both Bushes, (if I have my facts straight) obviously a very, very bad idea, has been going on for at least forty years now. Not only was it a bad plan to begin with, but in a society of alcoholics, it was (and is) totally hypocritical. In the span of time it took me to write and re-read these two paragraphs, I’ve seen at least than three prescription drug commercials on television. If I were to write down the collective side-effects from each of those commercials, I would add at least two more paragraphs to this writing.

As a matter of a fact, per information I located during my research on the White House web site, “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has classified prescription drug abuse as an epidemic.’ So, if we are going to have a fully fleshed out “War on Drugs,” if that had really been the case, then shouldn’t we have been (and should be) going after big Pharma? Aren’t they the one’s peddling their crap on the American public? Aren’t they the ones promoting a drug for pretty much everything?

Drugs. Drugs. Drugs.

Use this prescription if:

• you’re depressed
• you’re overweight
• you’re impotent
• you want longer eye lashes

Well, of course you’re depressed. You lost your job. And you’re behind on rent or mortgage. You caught your best friend cheating with your wife. The United States is about to get involved in another war. Of course you’re depressed.

Well, of course you’re overweight. There’s fructose corn syrup or GMO in all of your food. It costs more to eat healthy than it does to eat crap. You’re poor and next to homeless. Of course you’re going to be overweight.

Well, of course you’re impotent. You’re overweight and unemployed and almost homeless. You’ve got a lot on your mind.

You want longer eye lashes? Well, I can find absolutely no argument against that. I think the llama/camel look is in. You bat those lashes, girl.

I am extremely gladdened that the Feds are easing back on the hard stance against an herb that has proven time and time again to be very medicinal and quite calming, something few could say with a straight face about alcohol. But it’s still a very bad thing that the Feds are not focusing their attention on the true pushers in our society, and the drugs that are really clouding the minds and compromising the health of our citizenry.

Pass the bong.

Written By: D. Draeko