Miss World Megan Young – Get To Know Her [Video]

Miss World Megan Young from the Philippines.

Manila, Philippines – The new Miss World has just been crowned and her name is Megan Young. Let’s get to know her better…

Megan Lynne Young went in to the Miss World Pageant as Miss Philippines. She is 23 years old and 5’8” (173 cm) tall.

She was born on February 27, 1990 in Alexandria, Virginia, USA. She has a Filipino mother and an American father. She moved to the Philippines at the age of 10 and she has a sister named Lauren and a brother named Victor.

Having a natural flair to be on-screen, at 15 years old, she started acting in TV shows and films. She also has experience as a host and peace ambassador.

Currently she is studying digital film-making at De la Salle – College of St. Benilde in Manila. She aspires to be a director someday. What you would never guess from her glamorous appearance is that she is a video gamer and that she loves Harry Potter.

The 2013 Miss World pageant was held last Saturday night in the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center in Bali, Indonesia. Megan actually made history as the first Filipina to ever win since the Philippines started participating in the competition in 1966.

She went up against 126 other international beauties and has succeeded the 2012 Miss World winner from China, Wenxia Yu. The top six winners of the night were from the following countries: Philippines, France, Ghana, Spain, Brazil, and Gibraltar.

Top Three Miss World

All of the pageant participants’ scores came from the night of the pageant and pre-pageant challenges. Megan’s score was able to beat the others, because she won the Top Model competition, placed fifth in the Beach Fashion tilt, and ranked fourth in the Multimedia Contest.

As a special treat for Megan and viewers of Miss World, she was also one of the few women given the honor of having a solo in the international dances performance. Megan performed a dance called Singkil, which is a Filipino dance that pays homage to its Muslim roots.

One of the main factors that catapulted Megan to the top of the pageant was her response in the Question & Answer portion in the Finals. All top six contestants were asked, “Why should you be crowned Miss World?”

Megan impressed the judges in answering simply but memorably that she embodies the “core values”of Miss World and she wants to use these characteristics to help society.

Her exact words were, “I treasure a core value of humanity and that guides people why they act the way they do…I will use this to show other people how they can understand each other… as one, we can help society.”

Not forgetting the country she is representing, she said tearfully when she won, “Salamat sa mga kababayan ko. Mahal na mahal ko kayo.” This is Tagalog for, “Thank you to my countrymen, I love you very much.” She also greeted the Indonesian audience in their native tongue.

When asked what is Megan’s inspiration for everything that she does, she said, “[I am] guided by my heart… I think and speak from it.” After being crowned, Megan promised she will be the “Best Miss World ever.”

Watch Megan’s video below from the Miss World website.

And this more intimate video shows her fun and quirky side.



By: Chelo Aestrid


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