NASA Sees Teleportation One Step Closer

If you never watched Star Trek, you are at least familiar with the famous ‘beam me up Scotty’ line quoted time after time from this famous television series.  It has no doubt been somewhere between a light-hearted dream of most fans to a fervent commitment to realize this reality in those who always believed teleportation could be possible.  At the very minimum, you thought it would be super cool.  Well, now it is.  According to scientists, and keenly to the joy of NASA, one can see we are one step closer to teleportion.   After teleporting smaller objects of an eye-visible size in a recent experiment, science observe the possibility of teleporting larger objects in the future.

Using the principle of entanglement, researchers were able to accomplish something many have reserved only for science fiction.  Science Daily describes quantum entanglement as follows: “Quantum entanglement is a quantum mechanical phenomenon in which the quantum states of two or more objects have to be described with reference to each other, even though the individual objects may be spatially separated.”  In other words, particles behave like each other, even though they are not the ‘same.’  Once they have interacted, they seem to continue communication even when they are separated by sometimes miles and miles.

Dr. Arkady Fedorov, a researcher at the University of Queensland said this was the first time something of this magnitude in the field of quantum teleportation has been successfully accomplished.  Because of this one experiment, they are looking forward to using it in larger systems next time around.  Further awe was due to the fact that no equipment was needed to observe the phenomenon, as the particles were large enough to be visible with the unaided eye.  Usually this is not the case with experimentation done in the quantum world.  Fedorov explains:  “What makes our work interesting is the system uses a circuit, much like modern computer chips. In our system the quantum information is stored in artificial structures called quantum bits, and you can even see them with your bare eyes.

Findings were published in the recent edition of Nature.  The excitement over this group of researchers teleporting an atom inside of an electronic chip has raised interest by the entire scientific community and holds great promise for more powerful systems being created in the future.  NASA would like to get their hands on this technology as soon as they are able in order to teleport information from deep space.

Our dreams of teleporting from one city to the next as opposed to hours spent in airplanes and ticket lines may not be that far from reality.  As scientists keep focusing on the possibilities of the quantum world all we need do is start integrating what it means to live in a quantum reality into our current paradigm and the probability that we will join these entangled objects gets better and better.

According to scientists in Australia, NASA along with the rest of the world sees we are one step closer to the reality of teleportation.  What greater super-human ability can we dream of?  What is next for the human race after we conquer the mysteries of transference and unaided flight?  Only time and the integration of the new will tell us.  Until then, tune into the greater perimeters of what is possible and start believing in science fiction!

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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