Samsung Beating Apple Sales but for How Long?

It happened late last year. The mighty giant took a trip from Samsung’s extended foot and tumbled below sales projections. Apple suffered a blow from their mightiest contender when it came to handset sales. Many consumers point to the saturation factor in the market of Samsung products versus Apple. In the midst of the coming announcement from Apple, it may not be too long before Apple is back on top of the game.

The Galaxy S4 made history by shipping over 20 million handsets within its first 60 days of release, which was in April of this year. With its increased 5-inch display, touchless scrolling and remote compatibility, Samsung conquered the feature phones market. Trend Force, a firm who follows the sales of smartphones, showed an interesting review of the smartphone race for success.

Samsung Beating Apple Sales but for How Long?

While Samsung is showing a massive advantage over iPhone, many are speculating- for how long? Currently, the Mac innovated company is bringing chaos to media outlets today, regarding its announcement of pending devices. These sales figures can see a credible shift if the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C is released as speculated. If Apple is just looking to release a minor update to the iPhone 5, it can be said some Apple fans might be swinging the way of Android.

Certainly, one can debate the iPhone 5 continues to show a very strong showing. By May of this year, the iPhone 5 sold over 55 million handsets from its inception. Apple brings with it a legacy created by the brilliant mind of Steve Jobs. The brand is specific and has amassed a dedicated following of fiercely loyal fans. Considering the other side of the spectrum, Samsung delivered an impressive display of its own muscles. The handset is coming abreast the iPhone in a blink of the eye.

With the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Mega currently on the newest release list, Samsung is looking to remain ahead of the game. Fighting alongside a powerhouse like Apple shows a need for constant creation which explains the Galaxy line and continuing releases of Notes and S devices to keep ahead of the game. Checking out a graph from August of this year, showed for the first time in history, a shift of power between these two contenders.

Samsung Beating Apple Sales but for How Long?

Many experts in the tech field acknowledge Samsung’s stunning path of success, but advise the contender to tread carefully. Analysts foresee a great balance being shifted back to Apple during the 1st quarter of 2014, this of course leads to speculation of the upcoming announcement of the two handsets to be unveiled.

Much awareness of Samsung and Apple continue to be tested, questioned and reviewed. Each of these powerhouses have gained a dedicated fan base. The Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Mega are the newest kids on the block, energizing the slight slump Samsung endured. Apple is looking to bite its way back to the top and Samsung should worry. Apple brings with it a sense of excitement that thrills tech outlets and fans, the only defeating tone would be if the iPhone 5S doesn’t live up to the hype.

For now, all stats point to Galaxy beating Apple, but for how long? Later today and depending on the finalized release date of the iPhone 5S/5C that scale can become fiercely unbalanced. What are your thoughts on this balance of sales scales? Do you see Apple coming back stronger than ever to trounce Samsung back to number 2?


Angelina Bouc

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One Response to "Samsung Beating Apple Sales but for How Long?"

  1. Dave Allen   October 5, 2013 at 4:36 am

    I love my iphone 5 and will look to sell and upgrade to the 5s in the months ahead. Seriously, “it may not be too long before Apple is back on top of the game” – with Samsung selling 2+ handsets for everyone iPhone, I think it will be a while before were back on top.

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