The Voice Season 5 Blind Auditions Night Two September 24 (Review)


Tonight on The Voice, they are continuing their blind auditions, and are working on creating the best teams possible. Blake Shelton would like to continue his streak of three victories by claiming a fourth, while the other three teams would like to unseat him as the reigning champion and become the victor of Season 5.

The episode started with a recap of last night’s episode. After Night One, Christina has scored two strong male vocalists. Cee Lo has won two, and Blake, one. Adam Levine picked up the most singers, three.

Carson to Blake: “If you turn around, you just might see a bulls-eye on your back.”

Jacquie  Lee, 16, opened up the show.  God, she has a sweet, rocking voice! I loved it! She sang  “Back to Black” by Amy Winehouse. No judge has turned around yet, though — Christina and Blake finally turned their chairs around.

“How old are you?” Christina asked. “16,” she said.

Cee Lo really liked her boots, and wondered where she got them so that he could get a pair like them for guys.

Christina tried to talk her out of choosing Blake, but Blake said “I specialize in 16-year-old girls winning this show.”

She chose Christina! That was kind of a surprise, as I thought she’d choose Blake. “Roar” by Katy Perry played after she announced her choice.

“What are you all gangin’ up on me for?” Blake asked.

Adam said “This is going to be a dirty fight,” right before the first commercial break.


Barry Black, 27, was the second performer of the night. He taught himself how to play the guitar, and is in a band in Las Vegas.  “Today is my chance to take it to the top,” he said.

He sang beautifully. The song he chose was “What You won’t Do For Love,” by Bobby Caldwell.

Adam turned his chair around damn quickly. The audience started to clap along with him. Then, Blake also turned around. Dude’s voice is incredible! He made a Fluglehorn sound with his mouth — it was pretty cool.

“Blake: “I believe in this guy!”

Adam: “I think you’re weird and wonderful.”

Blake: “I’m desperate for this guy! I’m desperate for this man!”

“Blake, I love you Blake, but I’m going to go with Adam,” Barry Black said.  I’m going to make Adam so proud. He’s the right one for me,” Barry said backstage.

Up next, Mike Unser, 19. He grew up with divorced parents. He plays Christian music with his youth group at church now. “There’s just so much to learn. If I could get a chair to turn for me, it’s be the biggest dream of my life come true.”

He was the third awesome singer so far tonight. He sang “Dirty Little Secret,” by All American Rejects . No chairs turned around. Adam said “That’s some pretty ass hair,” he said. Cee Lo said that he reminded him of Blink 182.  One of the coaches really should have picked Unser; he was pretty great.

Destinee Quinn, 20, from Arizona was the third contestant. She often performs at biker bars. At 16, she won a contest and got to perform with Alice Cooper. Alice even gave her some words of encouragement over the phone. Carson Daily held up for her to see him speak to  her.

What a wonderful voice! She sang “Cowboy Take Me Away.” Christina is the first one to turn her chair around. The audience clapped as she sang. Finally, Cee Lo turned around; but, not Blake, though he’s a country singer….

“What is your name, Angel of God?” Christina asked her.


Cee Lo: “I’m just being quiet and basking in all of  this beauty.”

Christina: “I loved what I heard, I want to be your coach.”

Cee Lo: “I love you!”

But, in the end, she picked Team Christina! Her team will be kick-ass this season, for sure!

Cole Vosbury, 29, was next up. He’s seen playing the piano with his grandmother at his side. His grandmother sang with a lot of famous singers, and even knew Elvis Presley!

He walked onstage with an electric guitar. He sang “Moving On Up,” the them song form The Jeffersons. He rocked it out! Cee Lo turned around first — actually, he was the only one who turned around, though the dude was a great singer, “a balance of country and soul,” as Cee Lo said. He added: “You got the people up on their feet.”

Cee Lo stood up, walked over, and gave him a hug.

I didn’t like a comment that Blake made about the guy looking like he was from Duck Dynasty. I suppose he was kidding around, but it seemed to me to be somewhat insulting — though, the dudes from that hit show have become multimillionaires…..


Adam said “I think I really missed the boat on that one.”

Holly Henry, 19, from Minnesota, is the next contestant. “It was definitely my parents’ idea for me to try out,” she says.

“To be completely honest, a lot isn’t waiting for me back home,” she said. Holly sang “The Scientist” by Coldplay.

A couple of notes, and Blake turned around. What a sweet, sweet voice! The audience once again clapped along. Then, Adam and Cee Lo turned their chairs around. She is so GOOD!!!

At the last second, Christina also turned around.

“This is a good day, huh?” Adam asked

“Listen, because of you, I’m officially excited for Season 5,” Blake said.

Each coach made his/her pitch. Blake: “I almost broke my hand hitting this button,” he said.

Her decision came after the next batch of commercials.

“I would love to take you to the end,” Christina told her. But, she chose Blake! “I love you!” Blake said. Backstage, she was crying; it was very touching.

“Holly Henry has made this old coach very happy!” Blake said. That just might make him win again — arrgh!

Moving on, up next was a guy, Sammy C.,  16, who was diagnosed with alapecea when he was just 2 years old. But, he didn’t let that or anything else hold him back.

He started out rapping, and then demonstrated a pretty sweet voice of his own, singing “Where Is the Love.” Not a single coach turned around — bummer!

Christina: “Right now, you have hunger, drive, a passion for music!” Still, no one chose him — they should have, IMHO.

We saw a bunch of people in a montage trying out, and all getting turned down by the coaches. Then, more commercials….

Austin Jenckes, 25, was up next. He relates that his father took his own life, shooting himself. “My purpose in music is to share those feelings, he said, of pain and loss, emotion and love.

He sang “Simple Man,” by Lynyrd Skynyrd. It was a truly amazing performance; he nailed it! Adam said to Cee Lo: “He’s good!”
but didn’t turn around. Finally, Cee Lo turned around, right at the end of the song, and so did Blake.

“You got soul powers,” Cee Lo said.

“It was  a song I’ve been singing since I was 10 years old,” he said.  He chose Team Blake!

“I like that guy!” Christina said after he left the stage. “He’s got a home-grown energy!”

Carson went out to meet E.G. Daily, 51. E.G. has been on Friends as Phoebe’s friend, Dottie on Peewee’s Big Adventure, and she also voiced Tommy Pickles, from the cartoon Rugrats!

The way she began the song sounding a lot like Stevie Nicks, one of my favorite singers of all time. Cee Lo and Blake both quickly turned around. She can really hit high notes!

“It’s not that often a singer can have so much rasp and still hit the high notes!” Blake said.

Christina said: “Go with Cee Lo!” However, “Dottie” went with Blake — double arrgh!

“I want to beat Blake. It doesn’t matter how I beat him — he can’t win again!” Cee Lo Green said.

Johnny Gray, is now up. He’s a war veteran. Carson is seen talking to him and it’s clear that Gray has a hard time talking about those memories of the war.

He received his own day form the Mayor of Austin! He seems like a truly nice guy. Hopefully, someone will choose him tonight.

He sings “All These  Things I’ve Done, ” by The Killers. He was pretty great, and Cee Lo said “I like him!” Cee Lo turned around first, then Adam joined him.  Johnny was very excited to see that Adam turned around.

“I think it’s ironic that you sang “I’ve Got Soul But I’m Not a Soldier,” as it was very ironic, as you’re both,” Cee Lo said.

“I think I have to go with my soul brother, Cee Lo Green,” he said, “because he threw in a Pearl Jam reference,” about the lead singer of Pearl Jam, Vedder.


The last singer of the night is Tessanne Chin, 26, from Kingston, Jamaica. She grew up with Reggae, but says she really likes Rock music. too. Jimmy Cliff, on a phone which Carson showed her, wished her good luck.

“For my blind audition, I’m singing ‘Try’ by Pink,” she said. “I’m going to hold on with two hands and make the most of this opportunity.”

Adam and Cee Lo turned around, then Christina, then Blake — all four coaches turned their chairs — she has pipes, and can hit the high notes really well.

“You sang that song like a grown woman,” Cee Lo said.

“I am a grown woman,” she said.

Adam said that Reggae music is his favorite, and he added “You’ve got something crazy special.”

“I’m so fascinated by you, because you’ve been to Jamaica; but, have you been to the country?” Blake asked her.

Christina: “You’re such a powerhouse!”

She chose for her coach Adam Levine! He was really thrilled, to say the least!

“I can’t believe it! I can’t believe it!” she said afterwards.

Whew! These first two nights of blind auditions have made me think that the singers might be better than eve this year, and Team Blake may just be facing his toughest competition yet! The blind auditions will continue next week — please check out my reviews of them after they air!


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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