The Voice The Blind Auditions Part 3 (Review) (Videos)

The Voice - Season 5


The Voice continues with the third episode featuring blind auditions. The teams are solidifying and it could be that each team will turn out to be highly competitive. Team Adam, Team Christina, and Team Cee Lo might have their best chances ever of beating Team Blake this season — though with singers like Holly Henry opting to join Team Blake, who knows? She just might put Shelton into the Winner’s Circle for the fourth straight year.

Blake said he wouldn’t rub the other coaches’ faces in the fact that he won the last three times, straight, but he had his trophies with him — he said: “I have all I need right here with me.”

Ray  Boudreaux, 25, was the first competitor up. We got to see his daughter Audrey, who said: “Come on, daddy — you can do this.” Ray was really great, singing Use Me, and accompanied himself on the guitar. Blake turned around first, then Cee Lo.

Adam: “You look like Blake (a more handsome one) and you sound like Cee Lo.”

Cee Lo: “You got it going on!” He added: “I want to win with you!”

Blake: “It was swampy, swampy and smokey. Welcome to my team!”

Christina told him to follow his heart; in the end, he went with Blake, who then said to him: “You’re bad-ass!”

“Ray Boudreaux. I got the real deal there,” Blake said,  after Ray left the stage.

He told Carson that he had thought he’d chose Ceelo, but something about Blake spoke to him.

The second competitor is Lina Gaudenzi. She sang the beautiful Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac song Landslide. Christina turned around quickly — right at the end, Blake also turned his chair around! Christina did not look very pleased.

Blake: “That was great!”

Christina asked her what genre was her favorite; she said a bluesy sort of music. Blake said that sounded kind of like country music.

Adam added that he thinks Lina should go with one of the most iconic singers around, Christina.

Lina did just that; she chose Christina! Backstage, she said “That was nerve wracking, but very, very exhilarating!”

Blake said that if he won again, Adam would probably “quit and lose his mind — and, that’s my goal.”

Juhi, 16, was next up. “My dad doesn’t sing because he’s really bad at it, but he likes Rock music,” she said.

Juhi sang Mercy and did an awesome job! Christina turned around first; then, Ceelo followed suit.

“I’m flippin’ out right now,” Juhi said when she started talking to the coaches.

Christina started making her speech about why Juhi should join her team.

Juhi said that she likes Kurt Colbain and Amy Winehouse. Cee Lo said, “I will not only be your coach, I will fight for you.”

She chose Cee Lo Green! Cee Lo stood up and walked over to Juhi and gave her a big hug.

The fourth one up is Malford Milligan. He is blind; he talks about growing up as a black albino during the 1960’s.  He said he sang with BB King.

He sang Let’s Stay Together.  He has a sweet, sweet voice, with a bit of a rasp to it. Yet, not one of the coaches turned around! That was a shock to many in the viewing audience.

Blake: “Please, please make a record so that I can buy it!” But, Blake didn’t turn his chair around and neither did the other coaches. That is a shame, as he is very talented.

We then  saw a montage of a few other singers (John Travis, Kenny Araulo, Jeremiah Richey) who all sounded incredible, yet all four coaches passed on them.

Justin Blake, 25,  from Tennessee, was next up. He’s got a baby on the way and gets paid minimum wage. He’s going to sing a Blake Shelton song,  Sure Be Cool if You Did.  He said before he sang: “I need this to happen today, because I’ve got a little girl on the way.”

Adam was the first one to turn his chair around! Christina was egging Blake on, telling him to “Push it!” referring to pushing the button to choose him. He didn’t do it, though.

Adam was excited that he was the only one to turn around. “For the first time, I say ‘screw him!” Adam said, talking about Blake.

“It takes nerve to come out here and do one of my songs,” Blake said.

Adam to Blake: “I didn’t even know that was one of your songs.”

Christina: “You got a great coach.”

“I know I got a great coach,” Justin said.

“The battle rounds are coming up, and maybe if I made a mistake, I can steal him then,” Blake said.

Next one to sing is Timyra-Joi, 15. She sang Girl On Fire, by Alicia Keyes. She said that when she was 9 years old, her dad lost his job, but her vocal coach kept giving her lessons for free.

Christina very quickly turned her chair around. She has extremely awesome range and sings like someone much older than her years. She has an incredible voice! Cee Lo turned his chair around close to the end, as did Blake.

Adam: “You sound like an unpolished diamond and I want to see Christina take you to the end.”

Blake: “I won this competition last year with a 16-year-old girl.”

After the commercial break, Timyra-Joi chose to be on Team Christina! Adam said: “Great choice!”

“I can’t believe that all three of you’ve turned against me!” Blake told the other coaches.

“I found out the real world was hard. I started to question my dream,” says the next contestant, Monika Leigh, 28. She hasn’t performed for four years.

“I want to be on The Voice because I think it’s the next stepping stone for me,” Monika added.

She sang The Thrill Is Gone. Adam and Ceelo turned their chairs around almost simultaneously. Blake turned his around close to the end. Adam had a look on his face like “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

Blake: “I want to build my team around this girl.”

Adam: “I would consider you to be the centerpiece of my team, just as much as Blake –“

Blake: “Oh, come on!” Then, he added that “I fell in love with your voice.” He pulled out his three trophies, and said: “I can give you three reasons why you should pick me.”

Monika chose Team Blake!

“Thank you, sweetie!” Blake said, and he went up and hugged her.

Zach Hinson, 21, was the next performer. He’s a firefighter. His female firefighting cousin died in the “Three Mile Fire” in Washington.

“I’m nervous, but it’s about controlling your fears,” he said backstage. He accompanied himself on the guitar. IMHO he was incredible, but no coaches turned their chairs around!

Carson Daly drove out to see Briana Cuoco. She is Kaley’s (The Big Bang Theory) personal assistant, but would like to change that and instead become a professional singer. Briana Cuoco sang  You and I.

The crowd was screaming their appreciation. Kaley, backstage, said: “Please! Come on!” Christina turned her chair around. Ceelo turned his around, right at the very end. Christina said: “Oh, man!”

The Voice - Season 5

Christina: “Sometimes you’re moved by rough power and talent!” Kaley, backstage, was crying. Cee Lo said he really liked her, also.

Briana (Bri) picked Christina to be her coach! Cee Lo gave her a hug, anyway, and said “I love you!”

Carson to Bri: “You did it all on your own. You should be so proud of yourself. Today was your day.”

Back from the commercial break, George Horga, Jr., from Portland, Oregon, was next. His parents came from Rumania. He wants to do the Rumanian community proud.

He sang Treasure. Cee Lo turned his chair around. The women in the crowd really liked his singing and handsome looks.

The Voice - Season 5

Adam:  “Cee Lo is the right one to shepherd you along.”

Christina: “This guy likes to experiment; you’re a great match.”

We were then shown a few singers who were chosen, respectively, by Cee Lo, Blake, then Christina.

Mere seconds of the performances of each are shown; I am not sure why that is, unless there just wasn’t enough time in the episode to show them all.

The final performer of the night will be after more commercials….

Preston Pohl was the final performer. He had been the guitar player with a Christian band, though he also is a good singer.

The song he chose was Electric Feel. Blake hit his button first, then Adam and Cee Lo. He’s got a cool, raspy voice.

Blake: “That was strong!”

Adam: “You turned that into a Marvin (Marvin Gaye) song!”

He added: “The conviction with which you sing — I’ll be very, very angry if I don’t get you!”

Preston picked Adam! He went up and Cee Lo gave him a bro hug.  He said: “I’m glad the fourth one didn’t turn around, or I’d have probably passed out.”

Blind auditions continue tomorrow on The Voice. Will Team Cee Lo, Christina, or Adam beat out Team Blake this year; or, will Team Blake pull out yet another win? Who did you think turned in the best performance of the night? Please leave your comments below!

By: Douglas Cobb


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