Tim Cook Is Right, Companies Copy Apple

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Tim Cook recently pointed to Microsoft as the latest company to copy the strategy from Apple. Cook was not being cocky in delivering the statement, he was on point. Apple has been deemed the king of innovation, because their products and browser are created under the same brand. A user will not see Safari or Mountain Lion available for Microsoft PCs. Instead the fabric of innovation lies within Apple.

Cook stated Nokia began its fall to failure based on a level of losing innovation. He states that companies have fallen victim due to a lack of creation. A look around the technology industry can certainly support Cook’s review. Apple enhanced their strategies with the Apple Experience. Consider one very popular area of this Experience, called the Genius Bar located at Apple stores.

Companies Copying from Apple

Visiting a Microsoft store reveals an embarrassing fact. The company has copied the Apple’s Genius Bar exactly. What is the Genius Bar? It is a place within the Apple store that allows a customer to connect a tech support agent with their troubled device. This was a wonderfully innovative move by Apple. Much can certainly point to Best Buy’s onsite Geek Squad team, as well, that is successful. Furthermore, with Microsoft adopting the move, Cook is right again. There are many companies who copy Apple.

The Microsoft "Genius Bar"
The Microsoft “Genius Bar”

Consider Tesla, the high-end car manufacturer. Tesla executives have admitted in interviews of copying the feel of Apple Stores. Neat floor space, and touchscreen walls within their inviting showrooms reveal a cut and paste from the Apple retail locations. There are screens throughout the showrooms that appeal to the eye and brings a need to purchase. Something Apple has perfected. Consumers can visit a local retailer and purchase a Windows based PC for several hundred dollars less. Yet, many opt to visit the eye-catching Apple stores that draw in a consumer and makes them feel part of the “cool kids club.”

Tesla's showroom
Tesla’s showroom

Upon the announcement of iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S, the innovator of devices and software known for being evolutionary was starting earning another moniker, Revolutionary. Has Apple fallen into a pit of creation issues? Consider the path of innovation from Jobs and the Woz which included a successful personal computer. Apple has long been heralded as a leader in computer technology.

Certainly, there are companies, outside of individuals, who appreciate the strategies and innovation of Apple. They sure know how to copy Apple and this goes beyond the technology. It even includes the surface deep level of advertising and drawing in the customer. Consider Samsung. For years these two titans of  techie marvel have been battling in and out of the courtroom due to copyright issues.

The Competition Copies

If a consumer visits a Samsung store? They may look around and even ask if they are in a Apple store. The employees wear blue shirts (no joke!) and the products are displayed  on tables and against walls in similar fashion. For a company that has been fighting so drastically against its competitor, it is just odd to see the path they have taken to create their store in duplication of that same competitor. They could have made the shirts yellow, black, brown – yet they settled on the same shade of blue.

This is a Samsung Store. Look familiar?
This is a Samsung Store. Look familiar?

Apple Makes Copying Easy

Overall, Tim Cook displayed truth in his statement to Bloomberg during his interview. Yes, Apple has been the lead innovator for sometime. This goes beyond the underlying fabric of technology. It goes to the core of advertising, displaying a formidable team of employees and delivering quality products created by and sold by the same company. Copying Apple has been an easy process for many, their ability to connect consumer with product and service is one that should be adopted.


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