Drinking for Longevity

Are you familiar with Chi (Qi)? Chi is what the Chinese name the life-force essence in the body- which is stimulated through various martial arts and through acupuncture. In yoga, this same energy is called Prana and in yogic practices, various postures and visualizations trigger an increase in the flow of prana. Breath work can also increase Chi or Prana, contributing to longevity and apparently so can some drinks, such as Puer tea from China. That’s right you can start drinking for longevity once you have the right substance in hand.

Puer tea is an aged tea derived from the Yunnan region of China and is known as the tea drank by Emperors for longevity. This tea comes in both a green and black variety though has a considerably lower caffeine content than green tea in general. The raw leaves are dried, pressed, aged and usually fermented in order to reveal the deliciously smooth taste of this ancient tea along with its healing benefits.

This most exquisite tea comes from the camellia sinensis plant with the largest leaves – the same plant black tea comes from as well as Oolong. The benefits from drinking Puer tea are many and it used to be only royalty who was allowed to drink it. Leaves were hand picked by maidens with golden scissors. Today the secret is out, Puer tea offers a similar rich flavor to coffee and black tea, but without bitterness, acidity or negative side effects.

Puer can help one to lose weight due to its ability to remove excess waste and grease from the body. To use for this purpose, it is recommended to drink an hour after meals. This delightful royal tea can also lower negative cholesterol and contains a significant amount of cancer-fighting antioxidants. Sore throats, phlegm and congestion can also be relieved by drinking the tea of the Emperors. This tea is known as a live tea due to its fermentation and contains so many helpful microbes which not only help it age beautifully, but benefits the tummies of those who ingest this luscious tea.  Longevity was attributed to those who drank copious amounts of Puer tea.

The nice thing about this tea is that you usually buy it in blocks or pressed rounds called a “toucha” and you simply break off a small bit and steep. The amazing thing is each cup of Puer can be re-steeped up to ten times, giving you more tea for your money.

Those who are introduced to Puer begin to see it as a fine wine, it gets better with age. Many become collectors and connoisseurs of this elegant and delicious fermented tea by sampling all the many many varieties available in both the green and black.

Yes, it is true, you can drink your way to a long, healthy life with Puer tea from China. Who ever knew that longevity could taste so good? Drinking Puer brings one into the state of inner harmony and balance and remembrance of ones royal, deserving state of being. So go ahead – recall how important you and your health are – drink Puer tea for longevity, satisfaction and bliss!

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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