The Voice Best of the Blinds October 8 (Review)

The Voice - Season 5

When the host of The Voice, Carson Daly, announced last night that it would be the last night of the Blind Auditions, I thought that meant that tonight, the head-to-head competition would begin. Instead, tonight there will be a recap of the best performances thus far, which led to the coaches choosing their teams of 12 singers.

As Daly said, we will gain new insights into the decisions of the coaches, and also why they chose to turn their chairs around or leave them unturned.

We got to see, once more, the coaches all singing I Love Rock and Roll by Joan Jett, to begin this recap episode. Adam and Blake wailed on the electric guitars.

Adam uses his intense passion, and sometimes anger, to influence the contestants to chose him over the other coaches. He says he’s especially good at getting contestants when all four coaches turn their chairs around, as with the example of Tessanne Chin from Jamaica.

Chin, who sang an amazing version of Try in the second episode of the season, is still going to be tough to beat — she has a fantastic voice.

James Wolford  was a  great singer from that episode, also. His performance was shown next. He caused all four coaches to turn around, as well — and, James went with Adam!

Carson says that, coming up, we’ll meet the rest of Adam’s team.

Preston Pohl, who sang Electric Feel, is up when we come back from the break. He was a gospel singer. He sings the song with a lot of passion and soul, and he has a rasp to his voice.

Adam tells him “I will be very, very angry if I don’t get you as a coach.” Preston chooses him, of course.

Nic Hawk was shown next. He has a very unique voice, but in a very good way, and he he has definite style — he did an awesome job with the song he choose, and he flirted a bit with Adam, calling him “handsome.”

Nic added: “I don’t know if I’ll be able to focus, because you’re so good-looking.”

James Irwin, who did a superb job of singing Losing My Religion, also went to Team Adam, as did  Will Champlin.

Ashley Dubose was the next to sing — she sang Diamonds by Rihanna. She was fantastic, and got all four coaches to turn their chairs around.

Adam: “Your voice just overtook the room.” She went with Adam, King of the Four-Chair Turn Around. He declares that he has the “best team he’s ever had.”

Adam’s other team members were also mentioned, though briefly: Matt Cermanski, Donna Allen, Grey, and Justin Blake.

Adam introduces his team to their mentor for the season, Ryan Teder.

Team Blake and how it formed will be after the next batch of commercials.

Blake says he “really wanted to mix it up this year.” With singers like the awesome Holly Henry who sang The Scientist by Cold Play, Blake just might win for the fourth time straight! I think she has possibly the best voice of any of the other contestants, though there are so  many truly amazing singers this season.

This was one the  four-chair turn-around which Blake managed to win. He tells her “I love you!”

Emily Randolph, E.G. Daily, and others were seen next. E.G. was “Dotty” in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure. 

Ray Boudreaux was next singing Use Me, and he rocked the place, and accompanied himself on the guitar. Cee Lo and Blake both turned their chairs; Ray went with Team Blake.

“He chose the right guy with me, for sure,” Blake said, characteristically humble.

Shelbie Z. sang Here for the Party next — a country singer, it seemed natural that she would gravitate towards Blake.  She has a powerful voice, and will likely go far in the competition.

Monika Leigh followed — she sings The Thrill is Gone. Blake told her “I can give you three reasons to pick me,” holding up his three trophies for winning three times straight on The Voice.

Austin Jenckes  sang Simple Man by Lynryrd Skynyrd. He did an amazing job, as well, demonstrating a wide vocal range and great pitch.

Christina said “I think that Blake has really tried to challenge himself this year.”

Cher is the adviser for Blake’s team. We see Blake and Cher assembling the duos that will sing together, battling for the chance to outshine the other, and to the one to move forward in the competition.

When we come back from the next break, we’ll have a recap of Team Cee Lo, and get to see how Cee Lo Green formed his team.

Adam: “When God made Cee Lo, he was having fun that day.”

“This is when the gloves come off, and we begin fighting tooth and nail,” Cee Lo says.

The first singer from his team that we see is Caroline Pennell singing Anything Could Happen. She has a very cool, sweet voice, and has a good chance to go far in the competition, if she gets past the Battle Rounds starting next Monday.

“Come over to my team, where you can be unique and really make a difference,” Cee Lo tells her. She does just that, choosing him.

Kat Robichaud  talks about her father developing rheumatoid arthritis and dying. She sings a very powerful version of  I’ve Got the Music in Me. She has an excellent chance of going far in this competition, also — she definitely has pipes, and a great vocal range. She owned the song!

Cee Lo: “She’s got a voice that sounds like leather, like a Harley Davidson.”

Coming up after more commercials, we’ll see the rest of Team Cee Lo.

Cole Vosbury, who sang a soulful version of Movin’ On Up, the theme song of The Jeffersons, really impressed Cee Lo. He did a fantastic, soulful, bluesy version, which was full of soul.

Cee Lo called the version “bad-ass.”

Cee Lo selected are just mentioned in brief, until Jonny Grey, who gets a more complete mention. He’s a war veteran, and an incredible singer. The song he chose to sing was All These Things I’ve Done.

He said: “I’m going to have to go with my soul brother, Cee Lo Green.”

Next, we meet the adviser for Team Cee Lo, Miguel. He’s so popular, people know who is being talked about if you just mention his first name. We see a preview of the duos, with Johnny Grey going up against another guy, Shawn Smith, I think, on Cee Lo’s team, singing Tom Petty’s Refugee. That is sure to be a tough decision as to who will move on!

Team Christina and how Christina Aguilera formed it is up now. We see clips where she mocks Blake, and tries to from a team to knock Blake out of the competion, and take her to the winner’s circle.

The first singer we see that she chooses is pretty spectacular and has a great vocal range. He’s Matthew (Matt) Schuler. sings Cough Syrup.

“Let me be the first female coach to win this thing! I’m on your side; please!” Christina says. Matt chooses her, naturally.

Then, we see another great singer who Christina chose was Josh Logan — he sings an awesome version of Too Close.

Jacquie Lee is up next, and she gives a very cool performance of  Back to Black. Blake turned his chair around, also; but, Jacquie chose Christina. Blake says that she’s “definitely someone he’d steal,” if given the chance.

Next, we see Briana Cuoco, Kaley’s sister, singing a great version of You and I, and also Timyra-Joi,  singing an amazing version of Girl On Fire.  She’s short, but has a very powerful, beautiful voice.

More commercials ensue, before we get to see the rest of Christina’s team, and who Team Christina’s (or Team XTina, as it’s also called) adviser will be.

The singer right after the break is Olivia Henken. She sings an amazing version of Two Black Cadillacs.

We see Christina and Ed Sheeran form the duos who will face each other next week. As with the other coaches, I’m sure it will be difficult to chose between the members of the duos as to who Christina will keep as the competition moves forward.

Now, we’re treated to seeing some moments where the coaches relate with each other, which didn’t make it on the previous episodes — in other words, it’s filler, but some of it’s kind of amusing.

We also see the coaches in the “coaches’ compound” reminiscing about when they first met each other. Blake says that when he first met Christina, his heart was pounding because he had a crush on her; now, his heart pounds “out of fear” he says, that she might beat him

The Battle Rounds begin next week, with two singers singing the same songs facing off against each other. as Carson says: “For the artists, everything is at stake.” Only one person can move on — the loser can be picked off, that is, stolen, by other coaches.

That’s it for The Voice Best of the Blinds. I hope you enjoyed watching the show, and will join with me in watching the Battle Rounds beginning next Monday!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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