The Voice The Blind Auditions Part 4 October 1 (Review) (Videos)

The Voice - Season 5


The Voice tonight continues with its fourth night of blind
auditions.Christina landed 4 singers, bringing her total to 8. Adam scored 2, bringing his total to 7. Blake got three additions to his team, so his total is 7, as well.

The first artist of the night is Will Champlin, who hopes to follow in his famous father’s footsteps. his father played organ and did some vocals for the rock group, Chicago.

Will wants to “carve his own path and be his own artist.” He hopes that one of the coaches “will make him the artist he hopes to become.”

The song he performs is called Not Over You. Blake was the first to turn around, then Adam and Cee Lo followed suit.

They made their pitches; Blake said “I love you,” to him. Blake said “You sing your ass off — that’s probably why you have suspenders, to hold your pants up.”

Will went with Team Adam!

“Yes, Yes, bro! You’re a good guy!” Adam said.

Macey Estes, 18, is the second contestant to perform. She has sung in Show Choir, but she likes Hip Hop dancing, Pop, and Rap, as well. She’s hoping to get picked by Christina.

Macey sings beautifully — I really like her voice! The song she chose was The Way. I can’t believe it, but nobody chose her! Christina said she was really hoping to hear her hit the high notes, but she didn’t, so Christina didn’t choose her.

She rapped for them; the judges liked it, but it was too late; none chose her.

After commercials, the Stephanie Ann Johnson likes to sing Classical Voice types of songs. She sings and plays her guitar on cruise ships, but she misses her friends, and would like to get back “on land” to sing.

She is awesome! The song she sings is called Black Horse and the Cherry Tree. Cee Lo really seems to like it, as does Christina — they both turned their chairs around.

Adam asked her: “How are you feeling?”

“I feel real good!” Stephanie says. She sings she wants to sing Indie Soul.

The coach she chooses is Christina! Christina stands up and walks over to her, and they hug. Christina tells her: “I think we can really learn something from each other!”

“I feel I just got of a roller coaster!” Stephanie says, backstage.

Sam Cerniglia is next. He’s a “Midwesterner with a heart of gold,” according to Carson Daly. Sam tells the camera about his two sisters, hwo both have devastating diseases — one of his sisters has a disease which causes her brain to shrink.

He wants to be chosen for his sisters, he says. The song he sings is It’s A Beautiful Day. He has an incredible voice — Blake and Ce Lo turned their chairs around

“Congratulations!” Blake told him. “What’s your name?”

Sam tells him; then, Blake says: “I love your song, and I love your style. Blake compares him to Michael Buble.

Sam chooses Blake! Blake’s team is once again going to be tough to beat, though the other teams also have great singers on them.

When The Voice returns from a commercial break, Jennifer Newberry from Sweden is the next contestant. She says that she left Sweden to go to America, and be on The Voice.

Carson show her on his cell phone her mom from Sweden wishing her good luck.

Jennifer sings Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars. What a great performance! However, none of the judges turned around…bummer.

Cee Lo said: “You’re beautiful, that’s for damn sure.”

Adam: “I don’t think that anyone in this room would think that you don’t have a great voice.”

We see a montage of people who are pretty good singers, but who the coaches/judges didn’t choose. They are getting very picky, as they want to fill out the rest of their teams with only those singers who they think will give them a good chance to win.

James Irwin sing Losing My Religion by R.E.M. How incredibly awesome! Christina turns first; then, Cee Lo,; then Adam and Blake! He sang the heck out of that song!

“It’s the first time ever that someone came back and was chosen,” Adam said.

Christina said that he had a great delivery, and was “captivating.” She added: “I just want one win!”

Cee Lo said: “I was moved by it!”

Blake: “Whatever you did in that span of time was great! You’re here right now; you’re ready to win this thing right now!”

James, after the commercial break, made his choice. He said that “I’m a Rocker at heart,” so he decided to go with: Team Adam!

Carson to James: “You look like the weight of the world just came off your shoulders!”

Olivia Henken is up next. She’s been in several contests and talent shows, and has done very well. She’s hoping that this will be her big break. She says that “I’ve been working since the age of four for this moment.”

She sings: Two Black Cadillacs by Carrie Underwood. Very, very nice range; she has some power! Christina is the first to turn around.

Cee Lo turned around when he heard her hit the high power notes at the end of the song.

Cee Lo said: “I will challenge you. I will put you into different positions.”

Olivia decided to go with Team Christina! Christina is forming a pretty nice team, herself!

The next artist is Jason Kertson, 16. He taught himself to play two guitars at one, and has made videos of himself doing it which he posted on YouTube. Dave Mustaine of Megadeth noticed it, and was impressed.

Jason sang Lips of an Angel. He has a pretty nice voice –nobody turned around, though he got the females in the audience screaming for him.

Christina: “I can’t believe that you’re that great of a singer, and at 16!”

Blake: “there’s something special about that guy. I hope he comes back.” But, he didn’t get any takers, sadly.

R. Anthony is the next contestant. He said “I was the quiet child who just didn’t fit in.”

He’s into gospel music, and has sung with a gospel trio. He got a job to support his family, and put his musical dreams on hold. But, his wife gave him the go-ahead, and he decided to audition on The Voice.

R. Anthony chose Hall of Fame to sing. He has a wonderful melodic voice — finally, Christina turned her chair around. Right at the very, very end, Cee Lo turned around, too!

“I love soul, I love runs; I want you on my team!” Christina said.

“I want you on my team!” Cee Lo said.

“Go with your heart,” Christina told him.

He said “I’ll go with my man, Cee Lo!”

Cee Lo picked up his first artist of the night, and he also picked up Keaira LaShae who sang Killing Me Softly.

Christina picked Amber Nicole, who sang Russian Roulette.

Blake picked Emily Randolph, who sang Every Rose Has Its Thorn.

These last picks were glossed over — hardly any of the performances of the singers were shown.

Justin Chain, 23, was the next performer after a commercial break. He said that “Sports was my main thing,” in Middle School and High School.

But then, he was involved in a major accident, when his motorcycle ran head-first into a RV. He ended up breaking his back and several other bones, and getting over 500 stitches. He was laid up for I think he said a year.

He sang the crap out of She’s Country! Blake turned around really quickly.

Christina said to Blake: “I’m not competing with you!” when Blake suggested that she hit her button.

“Congratulations, man! You made it!” Blake told Justin.

Ashley Dubose is the final performer of the night. She says she spends the majority of the day at work “chained to my desk.”

She has to “constantly juggle” being a mother, a worker, and a musician. “Sometimes, it’s hard. I keep thinking that something has to give, because I’ve been juggling things for so long.”

Ashley chooses Diamonds by Riahana. Ashley sings beautiful! She gets all four coaches to turn around!

Adam: “Your voice overtook the room That’s why we all turned around.”

They can’t believe that she doesn’t sing for a living, because she has such an awesome voice.

Blake: “It’s about making someone the best that they can be,” he told her.

Adam: “That blew me away — great job!”

Cee Lo: “It would ultimately be you becoming a part of my life, all the way down the line.”

Ashley decided upon Team Adam! I thought she’d either choose Team Christina or Cee Lo, but she said that Team Adam was her first choice, though she had considered Cee Lo, also.

The Voice Blind Auditions continue next week, on both Monday and Tuesday. Please join with me in watching, and then also read my recap/review of the show afterwards!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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