The Voice-The Blind Auditions Part 5 October 7 (Review)


Tonight on The Voice, the Blind Auditions continue. Each team will seek to fill up the rest of their slots and get prepared for the competition ahead of them. The Coaches will likely be very picky tonight as they want to have the strongest singers possible on their teams.

Cee Lo Green is still rockin’ his Michael Jackson-style jacket tonight. There will be twelve members on each team by the time the night is over. As Carson Daly said, “It will be a fight to the finish!”

The first person up is Matt Cermanski. He is returning from a past season, when he sang Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream. He says he’s been playing gigs three-four times a week, and he’s been singing since he was three. Have a Little Faith in Me is the song he has chosen to sing.

Adam turned his chair around right away. Matt has a really great voice; Blake was the second to turn his chair around. Adam kept pointing to himself, as if saying, “Chose me!”

Then, Cee Lo turned his chair around! Blake said: “Cee Lo, get out of here!”

Blake: “I’m excited.”

Adam: “Don’t get too excited.”

Adam: “I love the fact that you’re back again. Last time you didn’t turn around any chairs; this time, it was three.”

Christina: “Who do you pick as your choice?”

Matt said he’ll go with Adam!

Blake put both thumbs down, and said: “Why do you want to ruin that kid’s life like that?”

Diego Roman Navaira, 22, is up next on The Voice. His dad is a famous Tejana singer, who had won two Grammys, though Diego is much more into Rock music.

He sings the Billy Idol song Rebel Yell. He looks kind of like Billy Idol, also, with blond hair and a studded wrist band.

No coaches turned their chairs around, though he did a pretty good version of the song. The coaches are just needing to be as picky as possible at this time in the auditions.

Adam (to the other coaches after Diego left the stage): “I have just one more space open. I’ve got to be super picky at this point.”

A commercial break followed.

Tamara Chauniece, 24, is the third singer to give it a try tonight. Gospel music, she says, is her “foundation,” though she wants to “connect with audiences across the board.”

She sings  1+1. Christina turns around super-quick — Cee Lo follow suit not long after. Christina gave him a glare, like “Really?”

She has an awesome voice. Cee Lo said her voice was “gorgeous — and so are you.”

Christina said they both started singing a the same age, seven.

Adam: “Who do you pick as your coach?”

Tamara chose Cee Lo Green! She said she had to go with her heart.

Then, there was another commercial break.

Brandon Chase, 20, from Texas, was up next. He talked for a little bit with Carson, and said he wanted to be a country musician. At the age of two, he started to bleed internally, and the doctors told his parents to be prepared that he wouldn’t make it.

He sang Wanted by Hunter Hayes and accompanied himself on the guitar. The audience clapped along. What a fantastic voice! Blake turned his chair around first, fairly quickly. Cee Lo also turned near the end of the song.

Blake: “When I heard your voice, I heard the real deal. It’s in your blood.”

Brandon told the coaches he stopped breathing 64 times when he was a young child, and the doctors said he wouldn’t be normal. Brandon chose Blake — not much of a shocker there….

Blake went backstage to talk to Brandon’s parents, and said “this boy’s a miracle.”

His mom said: “He’s always beating the odds.”

Lupe Carroll, 26, a flower deliverer, is the next contestant to give it a go.

Carson on how music brought Lupe together with his wife: “I love how music brought you both together.”

Lupe sings If I Were a Carpenter. He plays the guitar as he sings. He has a sweet, melodic voice. The audience claps along — Cee Lo turned his chair around, but none of the other coaches did.

“So, how many people enjoyed his voice?” Cee Lo said. The audience erupted into applause.

Christina: “How cool is that that you’ve got Cee Lo Green as a coach?”

After this, Cee Lo has just one spot left, just like the rest of the coaches now.

The next singer is the lovely Grey. She sings Catch My Breath  by Kelly Clarkson. Adam turned around first, followed by Blake. Cee Lo turned his chair around right at the end, much to Blake’s consternation.

Blake: “I believe in you already. I’m trying to think what these other coaches have to offer you, and it seems like a dead end.”

Christina: “The cool thing about you is as the song went on, you kept getting better.”

Christina asked her who she’ll pick as her coach. She says she grew up singing country.

Arrgh! We have to wait until the next commercial break is over to find out who Grey will choose.

Grey went with Team Adam!

Blake said: “She just ruined her life!” Adam’s team is now full; he has all 12  spots filled with a very diverse group of performers.

Dominic Scott Kay, 17, is the next singer. He’s been in several movies since he was four. His dad has been the drummer  for The Commodores. He’s singing Easy by The Commodores.

He’s got a lot of range, and a very cool-sounding voice. The audience clapped along as he sang.  No coaches turned around! I can’t believe it!

Michael Lynch, 27, from Chicago, sings next. The song he chooses has Spanish in it — it’s called  Bailamos. He definitely has pipes! Christina turned around right away. She started dancing in her chair, even! Then, Blake hit his button, followed closely by Cee Lo!

Blake: “Your pitch is so amazing! You’ve got a lot of talent, you’ve got a cool vest!”

Michael said he’s 100% Irish, but he knows his Spanish. Christina tells him that she’s half Irish.

Cee Lo asks him who’s he going to pick to be his coach.  He says he’ll pick Christina. Christina dances the salsa with him, and joins him in a chorus of the song he was singing!

Now, Christina’s team is full, just like Adam’s. It’s down to a two-man fight between Cee Lo and Blake now –each needs one more singer to complete his team. Who will fill up his team first?

Deanna Johnson, 17, sings Stars next. She says she likes to sing pop and R&B, Adele-like songs. She tells Carson that her dad bought her a Karaoke machine, and that got her started off in wanting to become a singer.

She has a really nice, expressive  voice — nobody turned around, though.

Cee Lo: “Your voice sounded so different from how you look. But, that’s a good thing.”

Blake: “Next season, please come back.”

More commercials — there’s still a lot of time left in the show, so I suppose they’re trying to make it last the full two hours.

Brian Pounds, 24, from Austin Texas, is the next singer on The Voice. He’s a great pitcher, but said he wanted to concentrate on music. He’s played bars and restaurants, but he’s had lots of moments of self-doubt, also. He hopes that this will be the opportunity he needs to make it big.

Brian sings Wagon Wheel. He is a really, really great country singer! He accompanied himself on the guitar.

Finally, Blake turns his chair around. Cee Lo also turns his chair around!

Blake: “You have a great, clear frickin’ sound!”

Christina: “I will say Cee Lo has a way of experimenting with singers….”

Blake: “I’d sure hate to see you experimented with!”

Christina: “What’s your choice?”

Brian decides to go with Team Blake! Now, Blake’s team is also filled up with the 12 he needs, and Cee Lo is the last one remaining who has a spot open.

Cee Lo is very picky now –he can afford to be. He passes on several singers. Then, there is what is hopefully the final commercial break –afterwards, Cee Lo will complete his team.

Shawn Smith, the last performer up for the night, will sing Chicken Fried by the Zach Brown Band. Cee Lo finally turned his chair around, and completed his team! It might seem to be an unusual choice for him, but it could allow him to compete better against Blake’s team.

Tomorrow night, the Battle Rounds begin! The Blind Auditions have been great to watch, but now the competition has truly begun. As Carson puts it, “The artists will have to give it everything they’ve got.”

Be sure to tune in with me to watch The Voice tomorrow night, and please leave your comments below about what you liked/didn’t like about tonight’s episode of The Voice!

By: Douglas Cobb

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