Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore Finalize Divorce

Kutcher, Demi Moore, divorceAshton Kutcher and Demi Moore have reportedly finalized their divorce. This couple has been married for six years but unfortunately could not make it work. This divorce has been on-going for a long while but now Kutcher and Moore are able to move on with their lives.

Kutcher’s lawyer filed the divorce documents that finalized the couple’s divorce. In the end, Kutcher wound up paying a little more than he originally intended to with the financial settlement.

This celebrity couple were married in 2005 and seemed happy. Unfortunately they split up in 2011 after Kutcher apparently cheated on Moore with a San Diego woman. The September Kutcher cheated, Moore was in New York City premiering a movie. This all happened on the weekend of their six-year anniversary. That following November Moore filed for divorce from Kutcher. Since 2011, the two have been arguing about the terms.

Kutcher and Moore’s agreement was reached in October. All the while this is happening, there are constant rumors about Kutcher and his girlfriend. He has been apparently seeing Mila Kunis who is his co-worker on That 70s Show. The couple has been dating for over a year and they seem fairly happy. Rumors have spread like wild fire lately for this couple. The rumor suggests Mila is pregnant.

These rumors were started by photos of the actress who was wearing ‘less than skin-tight clothes’. Kunis was wearing a sweater while in L.A. It was suggested that maybe it was just chilly but considering it was L.A., that isn’t too likely. Kutcher had recently approached the paparazzi outside of a restaurant to distract them. As he was distracting the paparazzi, Kunis hurried in to a waiting car.

It was suggested that Kutcher distracted the paparazzi to get the attention off his pregnant girlfriend. Lately Kunis has been wearing various oversized clothes. Her most recent outfit includes light wash jeans with a baggy gray sweater. Her clothing choices have of course added fuel to the pregnancy rumors.

It isn’t common for Mila to be wearing cute casual clothes considering she is normally wearing something figure-hugging. It was reported that Kutcher and his girlfriend have the same thoughts when it comes to starting a family. Their friends have stated that they both want kids and are very vocal about it. A source had reported they didn’t think it would be too long before Mila becomes pregnant. The source goes on to suggest she may become pregnant after the couple gets engaged, if not sooner.

Kutcher has made it clear that he has moved on from Moore. Moore has reportedly been seeing Peter Morton. Morton is the father Harry Morton who was Moore’s flame earlier on in the year. Morton co-founded the Hard Rock Café and is also said to be a descendant of the Morton’s Steakhouse chain. Considering Kutcher was fifteen years younger than Moore, it’s been reported that she is finally dating in her age bracket. Now that Kutcher and Moore’s divorce is final, they can both move on with their lives.

By Anjulina MaComber

L.A. Times