Latin Grammy Awards 2013 Brought out the Stars (Review)

Latin Grammy Awards Show 2013

The Mandalay Bay Events Center in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada, was the venue were the 14th Annual Latin Grammy Awards was held on Thursday, November 21, 2013.  This marks the sixth time that the Latin Grammys has chosen this location to present awards to the best Latino songs, albums, and musicians of the past year, and the awards show really brought out the stars of today’s music scene. The Latin Grammy Awards were broadcast on Univison, and they began at 8:00 p.m EST.

Leading the field of nominations with five each are four singers/acts. They are the Valderramas, Javier Garza, Carlos Vives, and Illya Kuryaki. There will be lots of great performances and special awards presented tonight, also, and yesterday, in advance of the show, Miguel Bose was presented with the award for the Latin Recording Person of the Year.

There are a lot of categories and awards being presented this year at the Latin Grammy Awards show, as the field of talent is so outstanding. I will mention who was nominated in each category and who won.

The nominations for Record of the Year are Pablo Alborán for “Tanto,” Carlos Vives for “Volví a Nacer,” Marc Anthony for “Vivir Mi Vida,” Caetano Veloso for  “Um Abraçaço,” Concha Buika for “La Nave del Olvido,” Alejandro Sanz for “Mi Marciana,” Andrés Cepeda for “Lo Mejor Que Hay En Mi Vida,” Draco Rosa featuring Ricky Martin for the album “Más y Más,” Natalie Cole featuring Juan Luis Guerra for “Bachata Rosa,” and Santiago Cruz for “Desde Lejos.”

The presenters of the Record of the Year award are Don Francisco and Cote de Pabo. They presented the award for Record of the Year to Marc Anthony for “Vivir Mi Vida.”

This year, the Album of the Year award on the Latin Grammy Awards show was presented by the legend, Carlos Santana, and Juanes. Ten albums were nominated in this category. They were “Corazón Profundo” by Carlos Vives, Pablo Alborán’s album “Tanto,” “La Música No Se Toca” by Alejandro Sanz, “Vida” by Draco Rosa, Bajofondo’s album “Presente,” “Versiones” by Gian Marco, Miguel Bosé’s album “Papitwo,” “Lo Mejor Que Hay En Mi Vida” by Andrés Cepeda,  Natalie Cole’s “Natalie Cole en Español,” and “Escultura” by Guaco.  The winner of the Album of the Year award was Draco Rosa, for “Vida.”

The Song of the Year award, another big award, also had ten nominations. Roberto Carlos was nominated for his song, “Esse Cara Sou Eu,” Andrés Castro and Carlos Vives for their hit “Volví a Nacer,” José Luis Pardo for “La Que Me Gusta (Los Amigos Invisibles),”  Caetano Veloso for “Um Abraçaço,” Mario Domm, Hanna Huerta & Jesse & Joy for  “Llorar,” Aleks Syntek (featuring Malú) for  “Sólo El Amor Nos Salvará,” Amaury Gutiérrez for “Lo Mejor Que Hay En Mi Vida (Andrés Cepeda), Alejandro Sanz for “Mi Marciana,” Jorge Luis Piloto for “Si Yo Fuera Tú (Gilberto Santa Rosa),” and Ricardo Arjona’s  “Mi Novia Se Me Está Poniendo Vieja.” The presenters of this award were Julieta Venegas and Alex Cuba, and the award for Song of the Year went to Andrés Castro and Carlos Vives for “Volví a Nacer.”

The Best New Artist category was filled with some of the best and most talented singers of this past year. The nominees were Milton Salcedo, A Band of Bitches, Quattro, Leslie Cartaya, Gaby Moreno, EliaCim, Mojito Lite, Clarice Falcão, Maluma, and Jesús Hidalgo. This award was presented by Laura Pausini, and she gave the award to Gaby Moreno.

Another big category was for Best Contemporary Pop Vocal Album. There were five albums nominated in this category. First, there was “Papitwo,” by Miguel Bosé. Then, there was Julieta Venegas’ album “Los Momentos,” Draco Rosa’s  album “Vida,” Alejandro Sanz’s album  “La Música No Se Toca,” and “Syntek,” by Aleks Syntek.

The category for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album had five albums nominated. They were Ricardo Montaner for “Viajer Frecuente,” Pablo Alborán for “Tanto,” India Martínez for her album “Otras Verdades,” Natalie Cole for Natalie Cole en Español, and Andrés Cepeda for “Lo Mejor Que Hay En Mi Vida.” The album which won the award was “Lo Mejor Que Hay En Mi Vida” by Andrés Cepeda.

The five nominees in the category of Best Urban Performance were  Alexis & Fido for “Rompe la Cintura,” Mala Rodríguez for “Quien Manda,” Elvis Crespo (featuring Fito Blanko) for  “Pegaíto Suavecito,” Pitbull featuring Papayo for “Echa Pa’lla (Manos Pa’rriba),” and Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas for “Amor.”

In the category of Best Urban Music Album, the five nominees were Wisin & Yandel for Líderes, Daddy Yankee for “Prestige,” Tito El Bambino for “Invicto,” Ivy Queen for Musa, and Mala Rodríguez for the cool album “Bruja.” The winner was — “Bruja” by Mala Rodríguez!

There were five songs nominated for the Best Urban Song award on the Latin Grammy Awards show. First off was “Echa Pa’lla (Manos Pa’rriba)” by the combined talents of Dj Buddah, Papayo, Pitbull, Gregor Salto & Tzvetin Todorov, Pitbull.  The second Urban song nominated was “Limbo” by Francisco Saldaña, Daddy Yankee, Eliezer Palacios, Giancarlo Rivera, and Jonathan Rivera. The third song was “Quien Manda” by Clément Dumoulin and Mala Rodríguez, while the fourth one was  “Ula Ula” by Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas. The fifth album nominated was “Sacar la Voz,” by Jorge Drexler, Andrés Mujica Celis and Ana Tijoux. The award was presneted by Ximena Navarete and David Zepeda, and was awarded to Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas for “Ula Ula.”

In the category of Best Rock Album, the five nominees were La Vida Bohème’s album “Será,” Eruca Sativa for “Blanco,” Los Bunkers for their song “La Velocidad de la Luz,” Ska-P for “99%,” and No Te Va Gustar for  “El Calor del Pleno Invierno.” The winner was La Vida Bohème’s album “Será.”

Six albums were nominated in the category of Best Pop/Rock Album. They were Black Guayaba’s album “La Conexión,” “Vicentico 5” by Vicentico, Beto Cuevas’  “Transformación,” DLD’s “Primario,” Tren A Marte’s “Tercera Llamada,” and Tan Biónica’s “Destinología.” The winner in this category was “Transformación,” by Beto Cuevas.

The Best Rock Song category had five songs nominated this year on the Latin Grammy Awards show. They were “A las Nueve (No Te Va Gustar)” by Emiliano Brancciari, “Todo Cuenta” by  DLD,   “Creo Que Me Enamoré” by Cachorro López and Vicentico, “Hornos de Cal (La Vida Bohème)” by Henry D’Arthenay, and “16 (Allison)” by Erik Canales. The winner was the song “Creo Que Me Enamoré” by Cachorro López and Vicentico.

The Best Alternative Music Album have five albums nominated for this honor. They were “Elegancia Tropical” by Bomba Estéreo, “El Objeto Antes Llamado Disco” by Café Tacuba, “Solstis” by Leon Larregui, “Chances” by Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas, and “Mujer Divina, Homenaje a Agustin Lara” by Natalia Lafourcade. The award for the Best Alternative Music Album went to Mujer Divina, Homenaje a Agustin Lara” by Natalia Lafourcade!

The category for Best Alternative Song had five songs nominated. They were Sig Ragga’s “Pensando,” “Brillas” by Leon Larregui, “Pena En Mi Corazón” by Bajofondo,  “Monta El Trueno” by Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas, and  “La Flotadera” by Hello Seahorse!. The winner was “Pena En Mi Corazón” by Bajofondo.

The Best Salsa Album category had five albums nominated. Rather than mention each of them, I’ll just say that the award was presented by María Gabriela Isler and Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas and the winner was “Sergio George Presents: Salsa Giants,” with various artists performing on this great collection of Salsa songs.

The winner of the award for Best Cumbia/Vallenato Album was Felipe Peláez and Manuel Julián for their ablum “Diferente.”

In the Best Contemporary Tropical Album category, the winner was Juan Luis Guerra’s album, “Asondeguerra Tour.” The Latin Grammy for Best Traditional Tropical Album went to Arturo Sandoval’s “Un Siglo De Pasión.”

The Latin Grammy Awards had a diverse range of categories, reflecting the styles of music in the countries of Central America and South America. For instance, the Best Tropical Fusion Album Latin Grammy was presented by Luis Angel Franco, Génesis Rodríguez and Samuel Sarmiento and went to Carlos Vives for “Corazón Profundo.”

In the category of Best Tropical Song, the winner was Andrés Castro and Carlos Vives for their fantastic song, “Volví a Nacer.”

On the Latin Grammy Awards show, the Grammy for the Best Singer-Songwriter of an Album went to Caetano Veloso for the brilliant album “Abraçaço.”

There were many, many other Latin Grammy Awards given.I don’t want to neglect any of them and the winners, but now, I’ll mention some of the great acts that performed Thursday night.

Wisin performed their hit, “Que Viva La Vida,” and the supremely talented Salsa Giants (Sergio George, Oscar D’León, Ismael Miranda, Willy Chirino, Tito Nieves, José Alberto “El Canario”) performed “Para Celebrar.”

Jesse & Joy and Mario Domm were terrific when they took the stage to sing “Llorar,” as was Carlos Vives with his song, “Volvi A Nacer” and I really enjoyed Draco Rosa and Ricky Martin’s performance of “Mas y Mas.”

“Be My Baby” was sung by Leslie Grace (with Zarkana by Cirque du Soleil), Enrique Iglesias, India Martínez and Descemer Bueno performed “Loco,” and Alejandro Sanz with Berkley College Students were awesome with their performance of “La Musica No Se Toca.”

Other wonderful acts on the Latin Grammy Awards show were Marc Anthony’s performance of “Vivir Mi Vida,” “Tanto” by Pablo Alborán (with Zarkana by Cirque du Soleil), and the performance of “Echale Pa’Alla (Manos Arriba) / “Cotorra y Voli” / “Baby (I Like It)” by Pitbull, El Cata and Enrique Iglesias.

Thrilling the audience with their performances were also acts such as Calibre 50 and Banda Carnaval, who sang “Gente Batallosa,” “Casi Perfecto” by El Dasa, and Natalie Cole (and her father, Nat King Cole in video footage) singing “Acercate Mas.”

These were just a few of the amazing musical acts and stars who performed Thursday night on Univision for the Latin Grammy Awards show. Who were some of your favorite performers? Sorry if I left out any of the ones that you really loved to watch. Did your favorite singers/albums win tonight? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments area below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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