The Voice The Live Shows Premiere Part 2 November 5 (Review)

The Voice The Live Shows Part 2

Tonight on The Voice it’s the second night of the Live Shows! The two teams which will compete for America’s votes tonight are Team Cee Lo and Team Christina. Last night, Team Blake and Team Adam showcased the talented singers on their teams, and the voting for who America believes the best singers on them commenced five minutes after the episode ended.

On Thursday, the third episode of the week of The Voice will air, and the twelve competitors who  received the most votes will move on, while the others will be sent home.

I tried to look for videos to post for tonight’s episode, but either other people haven’t yet posted them on YouTube, or they will just be available on iTunes.

Last night, Christina Aguilera sang a duet with Flo Rida, and tonight she’s opening the show singing Say Something by  A Great Big World. It’s a very emotional, low-key, cool performance. The guy who wrote it sang and played the piano.  It was a very tender, touching song — Christina did great, as usual, singing it.

After the first commercial break of the evening, Amber Nicole, from Team Cee Lo, will perform the song Wasting All These Tears — it’s a country song, but Cee Lo says he wants to challenge her.

Amber does an excellent job of singing it, and the audience clapped enthusiastically along. If it comes down to it, I’d like to see her matched up against Shelbie Z. on some future episode of The Voice.

Adam: “I think it was a good performance — there was just that one note, the big note, and it has to be there. I love that you went for it, and I applaud you for that.”

Blake: “You should have went with me. You’re treading on sacred ground with that song by Cassidee Pope.” He also noticed that she hit a clunker.

Christina: “Amber, you know I love you, you wee on my home. Country suits you; you did your own thing. I hear a little bit of Rihanna in there. It was wonderful emotion you had there. You were a little sharp the first time on that note; the second time, you nailed it.”

Cee Lo: “You really did a great job, besides that one sharp note. Overall, you did an exceptional job, and I’m so proud of you.”

The Voice The Live Shows Part 2

Next up for Team Cee Lo is Jonny Gray, and he will sing Bitter Sweet Symphony by the Byrds. “I think Jonny sings best when he sings a song with a message,” Cee Lo says.

Jonny Gray really did an awesome job of  performing this song. I’d never heard it before, but it sounded great, IMHO. He sounded a bit like Neil Diamond, but that might be my imagination.  At any rate, he was fantastic, and the audience really loved it.

Adam: “Hey, Jonny! I love your voice so much. That song is a solid beast of a song”

Christina: “I really agree with some things Adam said. It was so consistent, so accurate. Towards the end, you really let loose on it.”

Cee Lo: “I love that song. There is no American, no human being who cannot relate to that record. I hope America enjoyed it as much as I did.”

Carson said that, coming up on The Voice after the commercial break, is a performance by Tamara Chauniece. She will be singing I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor.

First, a fan wrote to Carson wondering what Christina wrote on her notepad. She said “Random thoughts.”

Then a fan wondered who took the longest time to get ready for a show — the consensus was probably Christina, though, Cee Lo said he sometimes takes a while to get ready, also.

Tamara’s progress to reach this night was encapsulated. Tamara said the song was a “Do good or go home song.” I’m paraphrasing, but that’s close to what she said.

I have never been a fan of disco music nor this particular song, but Tamara performed it very well. She displayed her powerful pipes and wide vocal range, and the audience erupted with applause as she concluded the song. After more commercials, we’ll hear what comments the coaches will make about Tamara’s performance.

Adam: “You — had your best performance at the best time, so congratulations.”

Blake: “First of all, you look absolutely beautiful. That song — my gosh, that’s a tall order. You did that song great.”

Kat Robichaud will be up next for Team Cee Lo. Cee Lo called her a “dynamo.” Kat will sing She Keeps Me Warm by Mary Lambert. Cee Lo wants Kat to give a softer, more touching performance.

She gave a very good performance of this song — better, IMHO, than I’ve heard her do so far on The Voice. We’ll see what the coaches say.

Adam: That was awesome! I loved that! You know what a fan of you I am. You have 7 gears — there’s 7 gears of Kat — and I wanted to hear the 7th. gear.”

Christina: I was kind of greedy, like Adam, and I wanted to hear you go a bit higher with the notes.”

Cee Lo: “I wanted to people know that you are a whole thing, not a part thing — you know what I mean?” I think Cee Lo was saying that he wanted America to see a different side of Kat. Will America like what they saw, and give her enough votes to remain on The Voice?

Caroline Pennell, 17, will sing last for Team Cee Lo. “Now, more than ever, I feel confident, and I owe it to you,” Caroline said to Cee Lo.

Caroline will sing We’re Going to be Friends by The White Stripes. I really, really like how Caroline sings, and she did an amazing job with this song, IMHO. She sang the crap out of the song — it was a fantastic performance. Cee Lo looked kind of teared up.

Adam: “Caroline, I am so happy right now. I heard purely you. You did a beautiful, Caroline rendition of that song.”

Blake: “I could literally be getting an amputation, and if someone played her song, I’d feel like I was eating cotton candy.”

Cee Lo: “Caroline, that was wonderful, wonderful for me. It was such a sweet rendition of it. I think that America loves you.”

The Voice The Live Shows Part 2

Team Christina’s artists will perform right after the next commercial break.  Can her performers top the great singers that we’ve heard already tonight? We’ll see shortly if they have what it takes for America to  vote them to continue on The Voice for the rest of this season!

Carson said that kicking it off for Team Christina will be Josh Logan. He will sing Crazy by Cee Lo Green, and he  is going to accompany himself on the guitar. He sounded great in the rehearsals, so I’m guessing he will sound very good in the actual performance.

It’s a different version, but I think it’s a very, very good one. He sang it with a lot of emotion and soul, like Cee Lo does — in that, they were the same. He did really great! After the break, we’ll hear what the judges have to say about his performance.

Carson starts the comments off with Cee Lo Green. “Yo, Josh, man, I’m flattered that that song means anything to anyone. But you have to be specially trained to be a rapper.”

Adam: “Sometimes it osunded like the runs were overwhelming. I wanted it to be scaled back some.”

Christina: “I’m so excited! You did a great job — what you did today was so original, so Josh; you’re great, you know? I could just listen to an album of you — it was so great, so awesome!”

The Voice The Live Shows

Olivia Henken will perform next for Team Christina, and she will be singing Katy Perry’s Roar. She generally sings country — Christina wants her to pull back, to show heart and emotion.

She starts it off very well, and has the audience clapping right from the start. Olivia does a really cool performance of the song — it will be interesting to hear what the coaches/mentors have to say about it.

Blake: “It’s weird to have other country artists around, and I’m not working with them. You did great, though.”

Christina: “I wanted America to see that you could do it all.” Yet more commercials ensued….

The Voice The Live Shows Part 2

Back from the commercial break, Stephanie Ann Johnson will sing next for Team Christina. She will perform Georgia On My Mind. Stephanie said that her grandma is from Georgia. She related that her step-dad has lung cancer, and had been given only six months to live, but that “by the grace of God, he’s still with us.”

Stephanie really owned Georgia On My Mind. She has a sweet, lyrical voice, but packed with power, too — she really belted out parts of the song, and did some great vocal riffs.

Cee Lo: “Man, I’m entertained, I’m overjoyed — great job.”

Adam: “I liked it. I wouldn’t ever want to sing the song myself, because I would tear up. You really opened it up, and changed it. I think it was your own thing, and I respect that.”

Christina: “You have such a unique quality to your voice, a richness. And you’re also opera, right?”

Cee Lo: “Opera?”

Christina: “Right.” She has Stephanie show off her operatic skills, briefly.

Matthew Schuler will be singing Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus for Team Christina! “You stormed into this competition like a wrecking ball — you need to make this song your own,” Christina told him.

He did an amazing job of singing this song — he got the audience into it, and he sang it with such raw emotion, putting his heart and soul into it. The audience screamed and cheered as he sang. The audience cheered louder and longer than they have for anyone yet tonight.

Cee Lo: “You make me so sick! You didn’t pick me! I love you, man!”

Adam: “Three hearts just broke,” he said, meaning the hearts of the other coaches, including himself.

Blake: “This is the guy — this is the guy I have to look out for.”

Christina: “This audience LOVES you. You always bring such charisma, such emotion. You came in like a wrecking ball — you smacked it!” More commercials followed Matthew’s awesome performance of Miley Cyrus’ song.

The Voice Live shows Part 2

The final person to perform from Team Christina is — Jacquie Lee! She will be singing I Put a Spell On You.

Jacquie started of softly, but she built up her voice louder very quickly, showcasing her wide vocal range and powerful pipes. She sounded totally excellent, and had the audience going crazy. she nailed the song and made it her own! Very awesome performance, maybe the best of the night so far.

Cee Lo: “Oh, my God! Jacquie Lee! That was the absolute best!”

Adam: “You made Cee Lo like a vicious competitor! You pissed him off, which is shocking — you were tremendous! That’s just crazy, the emotion, and seeing how connected you were!”

Christina: “I am honored to be your coach! You have grown so much. You’re an old soul.  Sixteen? Are you kidding me? America, vote for this girl!”

That was a spectacular way to close out this episode of The Voice. If Jacquie Lee doesn’t continue on, something’s definitely w-r-o-n-g. But, there were many other really great performances tonight, like Matthew Schuler’s, and it will be sad to see any of the performers from last night and tonight not getting to continue on further. If it was up to you, which of the remaining competitors would you like to see go on to the next rounds, and which do you believe will not get enough votes to continue on? Please leave your comments below!

By Douglas Cobb