Nelson Mandela Funeral Plans and His Final Resting Place in Qunu

Qunu Eastern Cape
Qunu Eastern Cape

Now that the official death of Nelson Mandela has been announced, there are several proposed plans leading up to his burial and final resting place in Qunu on December 15.


Official Plans
The body of former president Nelson Mandela will leave the morgue to the lying in state at the Union Buildings, Pretoria from Wednesday to Friday this week. The routes used will be made available, and people are encouraged to line the streets during this time.

Several comments from the GCIS chief director Neo Momodu, have been made public, and it was confirmed that this whole procedure would be controlled. Apparently bus trips are planned as motor vehicles will have difficulty using the proposed routes. The bus trips will be free. A big no no, is that no cameras would be allowed on the bus.

The public will be allowed to walk up the stairs of the Union Building’s amphitheater, in Pretoria, and file past Mandela’s body. Security will be highly visible and a no nonsense approach is expected. no photos are allowed – probably, the VIP Media channels will be allowed to capture several pictures of this event.

There is still deliberation on whether the casket will be open or closed. A closed casket may hide a lot of truths.

Today, December 9, several dignitaries and world leaders will embark on South African soil, to pay their respects to the late Nelson Mandela and attend the memorial services planned around the country. It is not official if all of the world statesmen would travel to Qunu, in the Eastern Cape for the final burial of Nelson Mandela.

On Tuesday, December 10, a memorial service will be held at the renowned FNB stadium, Johannesburg. The body of Nelson Mandela will not be moved to this stadium.

FNB Stadium, Johannesburg
FNB Stadium, Johannesburg

ANC members will hold a ceremony on December 14 at Waterkloof Air Force Base near Pretoria before Mandela’s body is flown to Qunu from there for the final burial. Sunday December 15, has been declared a national day.


Zuma can relax for now
The week before the announcement of Nelson Mandela’s death, Jacob Zuma was the middle of a massive scandal over his Nkandla homestead. Zuma was ridiculed, and his inappropriate spending of tax payer’s money on Nkandla made headline news for several days.

The media focused on the leaked reports from the Public Protector’s office and the lavish spending used for his personal benefit. This report caused the opposition parties to rage and demand a thorough investigation.

The ANC political party has rallied behind Jacob Zumu and is prepared to defend him once again. They have stated that Jacob Zuma had done no wrong.

Jacob Zuma
Jacob Zuma

The announcement of the death of Nelson Mandela has taken the heat off Jacob Zuma’s Nkandla controversy. The massive media coverage of Nelson Mandela’s death has given him a reprieve for now. Certainly the time preceding the death announcement was a difficult time for Jacob Zuma, and he could just avoid the pressures of the latest scandal. It is obvious that this scandal will not be headline news while the funeral plans of Nelson Mandela continue. Perhaps in the New Year, there might be a few media reports and that could blow up this scandal again.

Zuma has served a period of five years now and faces a difficult time with the upcoming election just six months away. His has the support of the ANC, and with this support he will forge ahead to secure another term of victory. The ANC together with Jacob Zuma will use the ten day funeral procedure to remind the young voters of how Nelson Mandela sacrificed his life for their freedom. There is no doubt that the ANC will reflect about Nelson Mandela in an excessive manner while campaigning for votes during the upcoming election.

However, opposition parties will continually remind the country of his sordid past by reminding them of the Nkandla expenditure, the 2006 rape charges, and the corruption charges and how the government withdrew the multi-billion arms deal charge against him, days before the election. So much power!

Most people will state emphatically that there is no comparison between Mandela and Zuma. Mandela is held in high esteem around the world. He is acknowledged as a virtuous man and the extensive media coverage does make a strong statement in this respect.


Mandela earned the respect of many white South Africans

Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela

During the time, following his death announcement and the extensive media coverage, many people have been prompted to share their thoughts and provide a tribute to Nelson Mandela. There have been mixed emotions, and people who distrusted the man for decades have said how their trust for Nelson Mandela grew over the years. Following his release from prison he became the first black president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela has been applauded as a revered statesman. Mandela being the first democratic president has certainly earned the respect for his diligent and compassionate leadership during his term of presidency. Mandela will be remembered for his continued inclusion of white people during the rebuilding of a democratic country.


The historical distrust
There are many people, not just South African who have a detrimental hate for this man and his political party. The ANC and Nelson Mandela were branded as terrorists, and the terrible loss of innocent lives during the terrorist war between the apartheid regime and the ANC have embedded painful memories into the minds of many people.

Church Street, Pretoria 1983
Church Street, Pretoria 1983


The ANC without Mandela

ANC Logo
ANC Logo

After December 15 and the final journey of the revered statesman, Nelson Mandela, what would the ANC focus on. They will be the ANC that had Mandela as their leader, their inspiration and their guide. What now? With Jacob Zuma at the helm of this powerful political party, there can only be a demand for his impeachment based on the disgusting abuse of state funds and his endless greed.

Yet the ANC have emphatically endorsed Zuma’s  greed and corruption, and that goes without saying that this kind of behavior is widespread among the ANC party. Whom do you trust?

Mandela is almost certainly turning in his grave right now knowing what the current government members of his beloved ANC are doing. Everything Mandela showed the world what he stood for is torn down by the new leaders, and growing uncontrollable as they forge ahead with their dodgy tactics.


Before and After
We have to remember what we had and what we have. When Mandela was inaugurated as president of South Africa, the entire country and infrastructure was feasible. The crime statistics were relatively low, and there was a adequate police force and military base. The integration of different colored people and cultures was a relatively peaceful pursuit, there was no violence.

Mandela and De Klerk
Mandela and De Klerk

It must have been an overwhelming effort for Nelson Mandela to enforce the constitutional rights of every South African. Mandela no doubt had a hard time trying to do what is right. He was in the spotlight all around the world. Countries, politicians, and dignitaries were waiting for him to stumble and push the South Africa into a civil war. It did not happen; Mandela travelled extensively around the world and struck phenomenal economic deals which enriched him personally. He opened up the borders and allowed millions of neighboring people to live in South Africa. Mandela trusted and led his chosen government to serve the country as best as possible.

When Mandela gave up the leadership of president, the new leaders allowed a staggering amount of corruption to explode and so the decline of a once beautiful country began. The reign of Mbeki and Zuma has not been easy. This is such a great country and to appease the citizens can only be a difficult task. Yet somehow the ANC managed to come by and win every election and maintain their corrupt, deceitful and dishonorable governance. The majority of the voters has given the ANC a mandate to destroy South Africa.

It is a sad reality now, to realize that South Africa is worse off than twenty years ago. The poverty among people is staggering. Schools, hospitals, and infrastructure cannot support its citizens. The staggering escalation of crime is frightening. Can the 2014 election change this nightmare?


Some comments on Mandela
The 27 years Mandela spent in prison was the real test for his future, and severing his term turned him into what he became, a forgiving person. He respected the law. Mandela surely had doubts about the welfare of the majority of the blacks during the Zuma period.


If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.

 – Adolf Hitler

That quote unmistakably defines the ANC; they intimidate people into believing what they want. In closing, however, we ought to remember that there are always two sides to every story.


Editorial by Laura Oneale
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