Nelson Mandela Death Officially Announced as Travesty Ends

Nelson Mandela: a South African Journey Through the Smoke

Nelson Mandela: Officially Declared Dead After Months of Obscene Travesty

Nelson Mandela; the name calls up images that some would like forgotten. Apartheid for one and years in prison for a lone man whose white-haired exit from his enforced incarceration caught the world’s attention, compassion and imagination. The most recent image that springs to mind is that of an obscene travesty. One that was started by the great man’s avaricious family who have now officially declared the beloved Madiba dead after months of maintaining the fiction of him still clinging to life. Now Madiba’s death has been officially announced and the travesty finally ends.

Why would this occur? Anyone who has read the Las Vegas Guardian Express from June onwards will know. On June 26, 2013 an article was published by the Guardian Express stating that the icon had been declared dead and the family told to shut down the life support system. The article had been written after two sources contacted the paper’s South African correspondent to relate that the legend had actually died on June 11, or more accurately, was declared brain dead.

In response to the published article that told the real circumstances of the humanitarian’s death, the publication came under attack. Repeated attempts from South Africa to destroy the news website continued for an extended time period. Others tried to discredit the paper.

With the publication’s sources continuing to maintain that the truth of Mandela’s condition was not as reported by the South African government or press, a senior editor went to the country to meet with sources and listen to the taped conversation that this paper made available to the public. On the tape, two government officials spoke of the truth behind the obscenity being played out on the world’s stage. The world’s press were told that Nelson Mandela had not been declared brain dead and the, then, 94 year-old man was said to be recovering. He death has now been officially declared putting an end to the months-long travesty.

The Las Vegas Guardian Express also provided solid proof of why Madiba was not allowed to die with dignity. The Mandela family were trying to get hold of the 127 million rand fortune that the iconic man had set aside in a trust for future generations of the Mandela dynasty. Avarice, however, made the immediate family rush to “break” the trust and control the money. Mandela had to be “alive” or the family could not sue him for the money.

Two writers for the paper worked on a trilogy of South Africa that pointed out why the great man was not allowed to die with dignity. Graham Noble and Rebecca Savastio, with help from Senior Editor Michael Smith who travelled to the country, wrote a detailed account of why Madiba was not allowed to die. It came down to money and a legal loophole in South Africa.

South African law allows an individual to be kept on life support equipment almost indefinitely. After a landmark case in 1992, in which the wife of Frederick Cyril Clarke petitioned the courts to allow her brain dead husband’s life support to be turned off after an incredible five years and won, the law changed. A living will was now allowed to state the brain dead individual’s wishes. Mandela, according to family members, did not have one.

The Las Vegas Guardian Express uncovered information that showed the great man’s family could well have taken him off the life support systems and buried the man, in secret, on June 26 this year; the same time the paper’s first article was published. With an elaborate smokescreen in place, the world’s press did not see the great Nelson Mandela after that point.

When the family removed Mandela later in the year so that he could “rest” at home. No member of the press was allowed to see Madiba before or after the transfer. It could be argued that on top of the family’s scramble to accumulate the wealth set aside by Mandela for future generations was not the only reason to hide the man’s passing.

Perhaps paranoia from the ANC, President Zuma, and other factions about predicted apocalyptic events set to happen when the iconic humanitarian died made it much easier for the family to maintain their lie.

It was learned by the senior editor who traveled to Johannesburg, Pretoria, Soweto and other surrounding areas that, as reported by the paper’s correspondent, there was an underlying feeling of unease that pervaded the country. Sources scheduled to speak with the editor, backed out, due to death threats and other intimidation efforts from parties who did not want the truth to come out.

The South African correspondent, Laura ONeale, was plagued by the worst sort of journalistic practices by the country’s media once they learned of her involvement. She participated because she “loves her country” and wanted the world to know the truth.

Another thing learned from the visit, was that it was common knowledge among certain sources that only one news agency would be allowed to “break” the news of Mandela’s death. Even the SABC would not be allowed to publish the news of Madiba’s passing. The privilege, according to sources, was to be given to CNN, who, allegedly paid handsomely for the rights to “air” the death announcement first and to broadcast the funeral proceedings.

Now, at long last, on December 5, 2013 the iconic humanitarian legend, Nelson Mandela’s death has been officially announced and the travesty has finally ended. After an obscene amount of time being kept “alive” in a drawn out process motivated by denial and greed by his surviving family the great man has been allowed to move on. The Las Vegas Guardian Express would like to pass on condolences to the family for the great man’s passing, but, that was done back in June this year. Nevertheless, may Madiba, at last, rest in peace.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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  1. I believe your article. I knew he was dead back in June. It was apparent that his body was failing him and his journey on this earth was complete. Why they would keep him alive for so long? I have not idea, but I don’t believe he just died last week

  2. You witless idiots. Even in the face of actual fact, you are hellbent on maintaining your absolute fiction of a ‘story’ with absolutely no evidence whatsoever. You’re an absolute disgrace to journalism.

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