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Fukushima Radiation Fallout: the New Big Bad

Fukushima Radiation Fallout: the New Big Bad

Looking on internet news sites it sounds like the end of the world as we know it; Fukushima radiation fallout has become the new “big bad.” The Japanese nuclear reactor meltdown has spawned a number of Chicken Littles who are saying that the sky may not be falling yet, but, it soon will. Furthermore these pieces of sky will have a half-life of practically forever. So far, however, mainstream sites are not reporting on this new menace.

Websites that are eclectic and esoteric claim that the world is doomed. Fukushima fallout will blanket the earth, beginning with the West Coast of the United States. In a matter of days this same nuclear attack will spread across the country and in its march to the eastern seaboard will “fry” every man, woman and child it encounters.

Obviously the flora and fauna in the North American continent will suffer and no amount of “governmental” iodine pre-orders will help contain any of the peripheral  damage caused by the fallout. While websites that fall outside of the “norm” continue spreading the word about this newest ecological disaster, mainstream sites are blithely ignoring the subject completely.

Even the fact that Japanese organised crime, aka the Yakuza, are using untrained, unskilled homeless workers to clean up very hazardous material is being glossed over. Very little lip service has been paid to this tragic story of the country’s nomadic population being exploited. The workers themselves get very little in the way of recompense for their dangerous work and the money they do receive is eaten up by rent and food.

While the smaller websites take to the world wide web to warn the world of Fukushima radiation fallout being the new “big bad,” the rest of the world is studiously ignoring the news that steam is rising from Reactor 3 and the fact that today explosions were heard inside the shattered shell that remains.

Fukushima Radiation Fallout: the New Big Bad
Message ignored.

The whole situation feels a bit like seeing a wild-eyed and  wild-haired individual striding down the sidewalk; placard in place; spreading the word that the “end is nigh.” Amazingly, just like this “prophet,” the word on Fukushima is being ignored.  Like people on a crowded sidewalk who will avoid the “crazy” armed with his placard, the world’s eyes are shying away from the most recent events in Japan. Fallout may or may not reach the West Coast in a matter of days, but, John Q. Public doesn’t want to know.

A great deal of the purposeful apathy can be put down to the power companies and their many years of telling the world that their energy is safe. Nuclear power propaganda tells Mr. and Mrs. Average, and their 1.2 children, that reactors are not dangerous at all. Despite historical events like Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and now Fukushima.

Granted, out of the three incidents, the Japanese Reactor reacted to circumstances beyond the control of TEPCO. Of course it could be argued that building any nuclear reactor in a country prone to continual tremors and earthquakes was not the best of answers to providing energy for the people of Japan.

The fact that an almost inevitable event caused multiple meltdowns is not surprising. The accidental damage of the plant from the tsunami and earthquake was, perhaps, preordained. The perfect place for a perfect accident. Considering that nuclear power has never really been safe should have given the Japanese a pause for thought.

Nuclear power is dirty. It always has been. Madame Curie, who died from her pioneering radiation research, could have provided the ultimate warning. “These toys are dangerous my children, do not touch them.” Science and it’s questioning nature would have ignored any such warning, but, they may have been able to convince others, such as the ones who saw nuclear energy as the goose that laid the golden, and radioactive, egg.

In this case, however, just like Humpty Dumpty, the egg shell has cracked beyond all repair. And all the Yakuza’s homeless and all the TEPCO xenophobic clean-up operations will never put the power plant together again.

Fukushima Radiation Fallout: the New Big Bad
Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

While the world’s more eclectic web sites nervously eye the mysterious steam rising from Reactor 3, Japan’s homeless will continue to work as an underpaid and under protected workforce who may, inadvertently and through no fault of their own, make things much worse.

Fukushima radiation fallout may prove to be the next “big bad” after all. Spreading through the world’s oceans, blanketing the countryside and poisoning all it comes in contact with. What remains to be seen is if mainstream media will eventually start following the most recent events in Japan. At the rate of coverage thus far, the general public may find out how bad things really are just after collecting their first iodine pills.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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