Moon Has UFO Sighting Same Time China’s Jade Rabbit Rover Malfunctions [Video]


Folks may want to hold onto their hats for this, because if a recent UFO sighting on the moon isn’t already weird enough, the fact that China’s Jade Rabbit rover had malfunctioned just days later, almost at the same time makes things even weirder.

It was only back in December when China first landed the Jade Rabbit rover on the moon and it has only been expected to remain in operation for three months. According to Xinhua news agency, the rover experienced a “mechanical control abnormality [due to] the complicated lunar surface environment.”

The Jade Rabbit has also been an enormous source of pride in China and the space agency’s openness about the malfunction has sparked a wide range of support on social media. It is evident that people want the rover to get better and succeed for its intended and full three month lifespan. @sevensixfive tweets:

“‘I am not that sad. Like all the heroes in other stories, I have just encountered some problems in my adventure,’ – Jade Rabbit”

Moon Object
The mysterious object spotted on the moon.

The particularly odd part about China’s Jade Rabbit moon rover malfunctioning was that it has occurred only a short number of days after a mysterious UFO was sighted on the moon on January 18. The weird triangular object no doubt exists, but what it actually is remains up for debate. Ufologists have described it as being “one enormous object of unknown origin” and have linked it to several other space missions coincidentally scheduled for the same time.

The website Turner Radio Network pointed out that NASA made a sudden announcement on January 10 with only three days’ notice to the public that three rockets would be launched to the moon on a classified mission for the Department of Defense. They also have uploaded an audio interview with a Dr. Eric Norton (name changed to protect his identity) who worked as a consultant with NASA and the NSA for 12 years and has come forward with startling information:

“To date, we have made some very interesting observations to say the least… Some very chilling observations in fact. Observations that if released to the public would not only change the game forever… but we are talking about a breakdown of society itself.”

The link to full audio interview can be found at the bottom of this article under “sources.”

Other sources believe and have informed that the mysterious triangular object is in actuality something far less odd than an alien spacecraft and something quite normal. Tech and Gadget says that the object is simply just a regular crater. It might look like it’s alien in nature but it’s far bigger than any airplane constructed on Earth.

Ross Davidson from OrangeBus has even more normal explanation for the mysterious moon object. As he explains, the triangular shape is a computer’s way of reconstructing missing data from a video or an image because pixels are also shaped like triangles. He goes on to further explain that if a camera filming the object were to be rotated, the shape would rotate alongside it proving that the object isn’t anything out of this world, it’s just missing data.

Regardless of which version of information is the correct one, the fact that this mystery UFO sighting on the moon coincides with China’s moon Jade Rabbit rover malfunctioning at the same time is certainly cause for discussion. To make matters even more interesting, there have also been other high-quality UFO sightings from Brazil and Japan over the last several days, showing large lights in the sky behaving in ways that regular aircraft do not. Even Japan’s Self Defense Force has not yet been able to come up with an answer to whatever it was that was captured on video.

By Jonathan Holowka

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