Susan Boyle Plan B with Job in a Betting Shop

Susan Boyle Plan B with Job in a Betting ShopSusan Boyle is no “ordinary” celebrity, from the moment she appeared on the scene she has broken the mould. Now known by the sobriquet of SuBo, evidence of global recognition in itself, the Scottish singing sensation refuses to conform to the conventions of fame and fortune. She has been made over, glamorised and stylised, but at core, she remains staunchly underwhelmed by it all.  No more so than recently, when she walked into the local branch of a well-known betting parlor and applied for a job at the minimum wage.

The cashier’s position had been advertised in the window. Deputy Manager David Corr admitted they were all in shock when the town’s most illustrious resident came in to inquire about it. Susan Boyle still lives in her childhood home of Blackburn in West Lothian.  She owns her house but it is far from fancy. It is a former council property. This is despite the fact she is worth $33 million and could easily afford a mansion.

The £6 an house job at Ladbrokes would clearly not be something that she needed to do for the money.  It has to be surmised that she would be lining it up as a Plan B just in case everything suddenly and unexpectedly goes awry with her music career. One customer speculated that she needed to “get out the house more” after she apparently explained that she lived nearby. Another thought she may be lonely and seeking a way to integrate back into the community. However, Miss Susan Boyle was not given any special privileges and was told she would have to apply online like everybody else. It is unlikely that any of the other resumes that come in will carry quite the same cudos.  However, this could work against her, as they may decide she is over-qualified.

Susan Boyle is one of the few people ever to have made Simon Cowell speechless. She did this by singing “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables, for her audition on Britain’s Got Talent in 2008. It was the beginning of her road to international stardom.  Having performed for royalty, all around the world, received two Grammy nominations and sold over 19 million albums, she has achieved great success, but often seemed uncomfortable or even unhappy with the process. Last year she said she was an Aspergers syndrome sufferer.

Now she has made someone else speechless, the manager of the local betting shop.  While Meryl Streep prepares to play her in a film about her life, and a musical on the same theme is being written, a Scottish bookmaker will have to weigh up who to employ as the new part-time cashier.  If he chooses Susan, she may not be available for an immediate start. She has a 19 date tour of the UK commencing in March.

If she does get the job, she will have to work for 16 hours every week on a starting salary of $10.42 which would go up to $10.65 if she completed her training.  As a superstar and a multi-millionaire, there could possibly be some dissent that she was taking work opportunites away from the youth unemployed and others in more desperate need of a steady income.

Her new job prospect is obviously a bit of a gamble, but for the down-to-earth diva, perhaps she would be just as happy working there as she is on the stage in front of thousands. Perhaps her Plan B is a good bet.

By Kate Henderson

New York Daily News

International Business Times

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