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UFOs and Chem Trails Over Phoenix, Arizona

UFOs and Chem Trails over Phoenix, ArizonaLast evening – Saturday, May 25, 2013 I saw a high flying aircraft streaking across the evening sky here in the Phoenix area, Arizona. Though I observe this type of phenomenon on a fairly regular basis, this occurrence was a little more enticing.

I grabbed my digital camera and started to film the object immediately. I have an Olympus SZ-11 digital camera with 14 MP of resolution and full 720P High Definition capability. It has 20 optical zoom capability, which I used to to the fullest to record this high flying aircraft. I zoomed in and out when appropriate to give potential viewers an accurate perspective of the event. I also panned the camera left and right to follow the trail left behind the aircraft.

As I recorded, I made some comments along the way to add value to the viewing experience. I mentioned the approximate time of the day – which was between 7:35 and 7:40 in the evening local Arizona time. I observed the aircraft itself as I zoomed in, leaving a thick plume of some type of vapor behind it. At that particular time, chem trails had already dominated the sky. In fact, chem trails were visible for the greater part of the day. At the time of the live recording, I mentioned the dramatic difference between a condensation trail and a chem trail as I zoomed out to show the tremendous difference in size.

However, as I was recording, I panned the camera back and forth to show the trail that was being left behind. There were two things that became increasingly apparent: The size of the residual trail was blossoming and it was also not dissipating quickly enough to be considered a legitimate condensation trail. It began to occur to me that I was looking at a live spraying of chemicals(chem trail) and not a condensation trail.

At the end of the video, my curiosity was tentatively satisfied when I exclaimed to my wife in the background that “these must be chem trails.” During the recording of the video, I didn’t notice anything else out of the ordinary, although the present chem trails made for quite a spectacular sunset. Hollywood would be interested in such a setting for a movie no doubt.

Now comes the intriguing part. When I played back my recording on my video camera, I noticed a round orb sort of floating somewhere in the vicinity of the aircraft which was emitting(or spraying) the chemicals. I then connected my camera to my 23 inch computer monitor. I was astonished to find that I was looking at some UFO activity close to the area where the aircraft was spraying. I played the video over and over and as I did so, it became obvious that I was looking at a UFO. In fact, I believe that there were other UFO craft in the area that were obscured by the heavy chem trails.

I subsequently did some research and found that it is fairly common to observe UFOs or orbs in the vicinity when chemicals are being sprayed. I have witnessed UFOs on quite a few occasions but this was the first time that I had the privilege of actually recording one. There is an important point I wish to make at this time. When I was recording the aircraft flying and spraying and I did not notice any UFO activity. It was only when I played the video back that I observed it. In fact in the video below, I actually panned the camera away from where the UFOs were located. To some viewers, this may seem strange but the reason was because I did not observe them during the course of the recording.

This is a very important phenomenon. If one looks through UFO documentation one will find that people often do not know there was a UFO in the area until after a digital picture was taken. It is only when played back or viewed afterwards, that this becomes apparent. Sometimes tourists pose for famous pictures at landmarks throughout the world and unknown to them, a flying saucer disc or cigar shaped object is hanging around in the background.

Obviously, sometimes when observing the sky an Unidentified Flying Object is not immediately discernible but if photographed, it is only after the photo has been developed or a digital picture displayed, that the object comes into view. It is therefore possible that some optical frequencies are only discernible by digital or electronic means and unavailable to the human eye. UFO craft could be present in our atmosphere even when we believe they are not there. Very exciting thought indeed.

By Aidan Montgomery Sutherland

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