‘Fake’ Snow Rumored to Be Falling All Over United States

'Fake' Snow Rumored to be Falling All Over United States

It has been going around the internet that fake snow that has recently fallen all over the United States, that it is somehow “geo-engineered” or “plastic”. Numerous videos have even showed up on various conspiracy theory websites and also YouTube saying the white stuff is also unable to be burned.  Some individuals are saying the fake snow is because of HAARP, which many conspiracy theorists thinks is a project created by the United States in order to control the weather and even cause earthquakes.

Most of the video clips are of an individual holding a flame next to a portion of snow and show the camera that it does not melt or drip any kind of water. Instead the snow turns black, and the person being filmed exclaims the snow is bogus. Many also state that the snow even has the smell of burnt plastic after they tried to light up some of the alleged counterfeit snow. The majority of people trying to light up the snow are using butane lighters.

Many who believe this is a hoax state that lighters are simply not a good way to try and burn snow. They state that the butane lighters will make a black mark under beneath almost anything that does not outright burn. They have put up videos which showed different people trying to burn ice pieces out of the freezer, and they too went black. The debunkers say that butane always ends up burning dirty. The smell does not come from the snow, nor does the snow turn black because it is plastic, all this happens is due to the butane.

People have tended to panic out after the events of this winter so far with the strange storms. It is not surprising that videos such as the ones above have went viral. There actually is a story for everything that has happened, and it is reality. For anyone that wants to listen to science, what is happening with the snow is explained in a process which the United States Geologic Survey calls “sublimation”.  Steve Ackerman, who is just a normal scientist, and who does not work for any group associated with the U.S. government, was able to explain what sublimation is a bit more in detail.

Ackerman is a professor of oceanic and atmospheric sciences at the University of Wisconsin, and he is laughs off the idea of fake snow. He enlightens that whenever there is an interface of both water and air, either solid or liquid, there will be molecules attempting to leave the water. Additionally, the intense change that happens in temperatures when snow or ice is affected by something, such as a lighter, causes the solid to transfer to a vapor.

Sublimation is apparent inside of a freezer, where ice cubes can eventually shrink with the passage of time, or out in fields where there is snow. They can sooner or later disappear without melting. A person will see that there is not any liquid water nor is there any hard ice which comes from melting, but the snow still is able to shrink.

So the absurd idea of snow being fake is just that, absurd, it is not “geo-engineered” or “plastic”, no matter what any website or YouTube video has to say.

By Kimberly Ruble

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