Jews Created Hollywood to Take Over the World Claims Hezbollah


Shi’a Islamic militant group and political party Hezbollah has escalated the debate in the Middle East with claims that American Jews created Hollywood in a bid to “take over the world.” According to an extremist program called Jews, Movies, Hollywoodism, and the American Dream, which aired on the Lebanon-based organization’s al-Manar TV, Jews  have tried to alter society’s opinions of them by creating Hollywood characters that would serve as role models. Jews did this, the broadcast claimed, because they felt American society rejected them and so creating super heroes who also serve as role models was seen as a way of integrating.

The creators of the program also alleged that while some of the key characters in Hollywood history were overtly Jewish in their portrayal, others were disguised as superheros as a means of hiding the faith’s attempt to dominate both American and world culture. The program’s narrator argued that because Superman is such a likeable creation but could not fit in due to the fact he came from the fictitious planet Krypton, it was clever of him to invent a feeble character like Clark Kent that was better suited to American society.

A contributor called Farroukh Majidi, who was cited on the program as a polymath – being an expert, a professor and an international photographer – referred to what was being portrayed in the program as Jews’ endeavors to manipulate heroic characters for real-life influence and political gain. He was also of the belief, along with Hezbollah, that Jews created Hollywood as part of a strategy to rule the world. Majidi further claimed that while “we all” want to take over the world, Jews had access to the relevant technology and cinematic luminaries to carry it out easier than Hezbollah or any other group of people.

There was also a special reference to Steven Spielberg classic Schindler’s List along with German-Jewish filmmaker Carl Laemmle. He is famed for having sponsored the journey of thousands of Jews from Nazi Germany. The narrator said it saved Jews from what the program described as “the so-called Holocaust.” The program also said Laemmle emigrated from Germany “for the sake of his Jewishness” and subsequently founded Universal Studios, where some of the world’s biggest and most famous films continue to be made.

The State of Israel, the world’s only Jewish majority country, gained independence in 1948 and has been the subject of controversy ever since. Neighboring countries in the Middle East, mainly Arab ones, were unhappy with the way the region was carved up after the second world war and used to house holocaust survivors and refugees who sought a new life after their European communities were destroyed. Since then conflicts have been commonplace in the region with Jews and Arabs failing to agree on Israel’s existence as a majority Jewish state.

The argument has extended to the role of Jews outside Israel as successive leaders in Israel’s neighboring countries have often claimed that Jews in America have too much influence on popular culture and world affairs. Right now, the influential Hezbollah has stoked the flames with claims that Jews created Hollywood to take over the world.

By Robert Shepherd





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  1. Bobby Leo   February 21, 2014 at 3:31 pm

    These Muslim Extremists are delusional….much like the Nazis…great company to be in….boys…

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