Another Woman Wins the Lottery Thanks to Fortune Cookie Numbers


Another woman won the lottery thanks to fortune cookie numbers, which set a trend among those who seek gains in lotto tickets. A woman from San Jose, California won over $400,000 in the Mega Millions drawing on March 4 after picking the numbers that matched her fortune cookies. Merces Goncalves always picked the same five sets of lucky numbers for each drawing until she won five of six winning numbers. If she had selected the final number, she would have won $240 million. A 75-year-old woman from New York also used her fortune cookie numbers when she tried her luck with Powerball and won $2 million.

After the woman from New York who became a millionaire by winning the lottery admitted to using the number found in her fortune cookie, another person won over $400,000 thanks to the fortune cookie numbers she has used for a long time. Although Goncalves’ husband always joked about the fact that they “could afford a trip to Portugal each year” with the money she constantly spends on lotto tickets, this time it finally paid off. Goncalves  purchased the lucky ticket from Rinconada  Liquors in Los Gatos and, after counting on numbers 10, 29, 31, 35 and 45, the lottery changed her life for the better.

Goncalves and her husband plan on using the money to pay for the Hawaiian honeymoon they did not have when they wed 52 years ago and does not feel sorry that she did not get the Mega number which would have helped her win $240 million. The woman also plans to invest some of the money she won.

Woman Wins $2 Million

Another woman won the lottery thanks to fortune cookie numbers on February 1 and, although she missed out on the Poweball and did not gain the big prize, she became an overnight millionaire. Emma Duvoll, a grandmother of eight and great-grandmother of one had tried birthdays and lucky numbers, but she won only when she decided to use the numbers that came inside her fortune cookies.

Duvoll used the fortune cookie numbers after hearing that some people won the lottery this way, but she did not believe it would happen to her. The 75-year-old woman went to grab a bite with her sons at Sammy’s Noodle Shop & Grill in Greenwich Village and played the numbers on the fortune cookie at a Hanneford’s grocery store. She won $1 million for matching five of six numbers and received another $1 million for paying an additional $1 for an option named Power Play. Although she could have won $193 million, Duvoll, the owner of a delicatessen store is happy with her gain. Just like Goncalves, she plans on investing the money she won and also wishes to pay a visit to her relatives in Switzerland.

Winning the lottery thanks to fortune cookie numbers is not a novelty anymore and the staff from Sammy’s Noodle Shop & Grill promised to play the numbers which appear on the fortune cookies on a daily basis.

“Right now we believe in fortune cookies,” cashier Grace Lee said.

Another woman from San Jose won the lottery on March 4 thanks to the fortune cookie numbers she used and, although she missed out on the grand prize, she decided to use the money to make her dream come true, namely to go on the Hawaiian honeymoon she never had.

By Gabriela Motroc


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