Arsenal FC: Time for Wenger to Consider Mourinho Advice


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Arsenal FC tactician Arsene Wenger has admitted that Saturday’s 6-0 loss to Chelsea was one of the worst days in his coaching career. The 64-year-old French tactician also claimed responsibility for his teams’ poor performance against the Blues. Ironically, the clash between the two English Premier League giants came at a time when Arsene Wenger was celebrating his 1000th game as the Gunners manager.

In the recent days, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has had no kind words for Wenger. Speaking to the press, the Portuguese tactician was quoted saying that we would quit by now if he had been as unsuccessful as Wenger. He even termed his Arsenal FC counterpart “a specialist in failure” just hours before the game.

As if that was not enough, Mourinho went a step further to mock Wenger about his lack of trophies during his stint as Arsenal FC manager. He admitted that if he had coached half as long as Wenger without any trophy, he would not accept a contract extension whether the club’s management liked it or not. The Gunners have not won any major trophy since they last clinched the FA Cup back in 2005.

“As a manager, you should not be embarrassed when you give your all. But my mentality tells me that there is a limit and you should be ready to admit that enough is enough when the time comes,” he explained.

When asked why he has been attacking Arsene Wenger of late, the hard-talking tactician explained, “It annoys me because he likes looking at this club. I thought he would forget about it between 2007 and 2013 but he did not. I really respect him for being a great manager but failure is not winning a trophy for seven or eight consecutive years.”

Between 2004 and 2007, Mourinho won the English Premier League title with Chelsea during his first stint at the club, and also claimed the Champions League with Inter Milan and Porto. His success rate has given him an added advantage as he mocks Wenger for lack of trophies.

Mourinho seems to be taking his mind games too far but this might be the right time for Wenger to avoid further embarrassment by quitting. He will leave a great legacy behind but the more he stays at the Emirates, the further he destroys his own image. However, if Wenger decides to stay, he has no other choice than proving his critics wrong by winning the FA Cup. This is the only competition that holds high title hopes for Arsenal fans and Wenger should be aware of this fact.

After so many years of waiting, fans of the Gunners are likely to forget their previous tribulations if their club wins the FA Cup. Failure to win the cup will fuel a greater war of words between Mourinho, Wenger and some fans of Arsenal FC . He can either decide to silence his rivals for more years to come by bagging the FA title or give them a reason to talk, mock and scold him for a similar number of years if he loses it.

Opinion By Andrew Wandola


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