Bishop of Bling: How He Spent $43 Million Renovating His House

Bishop of Bling

Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst was just a simple cleric whose main mission was to spread God’s message on earth. However, the “bishop of bling” as he is fondly referred to, did not seem to agree with the Bible verse that talked about humility. He did not seem to understand that his master Jesus Christ lived a humble life on earth, yet he had the powers to order a contingent of angels from heaven to serve him with the latest heavenly menu, build 5-star hotels for him in every town he visited, and drive him around in a convoy of chariots with shinny rims and flashy maids.

Prior to his resignation on Wednesday, the bishop of bling had been accused of spending a whooping $43 million on home renovations alone. This mind-boggling expenditure sparked debates across the Catholic Church and the entire Christian fraternity. According to some people, if the controversial bishop had spent the same amount of money buying a new house, it would have been quite understandable. Similarly, if the money was spent repairing a house that had been destroyed by a natural disaster, the idea would be tolerable. So how did he spend a whooping $43 million on home renovations alone?

Here is the complete breakdown:

According to reliable sources, the celebrity bishop spent approximately $917,000 renovating his garden. After the renovations, the new garden was nicknamed the “Garden of Silence.” He then embarked on a second project that involved the hanging of an advent wreath inside the palatial home. This alone cost him roughly $25,000 mainly because the workers had to use a crane to open the chapel roof before installing it.

The heated stones were the third item on his list. These stones were installed at the paths leading to the main house for comfortable walking. The project consumed approximately $26,000. The original cost of the window frames was supposed to be approximately $1.17 million but he preferred the bronze version that cost $2.38 million.

An extra $27,000 and $673,000 were spent on light switches and doors respectively. Apparently, the man of God had requested the highest quality doors in the market and his wishes had been granted hence the huge bill. As if that was not enough just yet, the German bishop of bling requested some wonderful pieces of art based on the Catholic theme. The artwork alone cost the Catholic Church not less than $1.6 million.

Lastly, bishop Tebartz-van Elst could not live in such a palatial house without some flashy lights. He ordered LED lights that cost the church approximately $894,000. Unlike the usual setting in most mansions, the man of God wanted the lights to be fixed strategically into the walls, floors, underneath steps, along the bronze window frames and inside the handrails.

The most shocking part of the story is that the bishop of bling spent $43 million renovating his house while reducing the number of employees. Whether the palatial home was built by half humans and half miracles due to the high number of sacked workers is a story of another day. But for now, these are some of the astonishing expenses that led to the firing of the famous bishop.

By Andrew Wandola


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  1. James Cobalt   May 11, 2014 at 1:59 pm

    amazing story, how did he happen to have access to such unlimited funds?

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