Crimea Alliance: Is This the Fall of America?

Crimea Alliance: Is This the Fall of America?

The recent political stand-off between Russia and the U.S. over Crimea has proved how this famous peninsula is not the main topic of interest between the warring factions. The G8 summit, presently reduced to G7 after the exclusion of Russia, has shaped the future of political disputes between the world’s superpowers. Russia was suspended from the summit as a result of its annexation of Crimea but this latest development gave President Putin the right opportunity to form an equally powerful Crimea alliance that might as well mark the fall of America. According to reports, the alliance consists of China, Russia, India, Middle East and Africa, hence the name CRIMEA.

The effectiveness of the new alliance was evident when nations like China, India, South Africa and Brazil rejected the idea of suspending Russia from the G8 summit. They argued that the recent sanctions, war of words and counter-sanctions were not the best solution to the Ukraine crisis. According to Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov, the G7 alliance is losing its monopoly on global governance especially at a time like this when nations like Brazil and China are wealthier than some of the countries constituting the alliance.

At The Hague, Lavrov declined to hold talks with his Ukrainian counterpart over the crisis in Crimea, as demanded by the U.S. and EU. The battle between Putin and the West escalated on Monday when his government blacklisted 13 Canadians. This comes just a few hours after Ukraine produced a draft resolution of the UN General Assembly that explains why Crimea’s recent referendum on secession is invalid. The resolution had been backed by UN head Ban Ki Moon who claimed that Russia’s recent activities had serious implications on regional security.

On Saturday, Russian parliament allowed Putin to use military force in Ukraine, a decision that will likely provoke the West into announcing more sanctions. President Putin does not seem to like the idea of playing his cards close to his chest. In fact, he prefers proving to European nations that he has the power to overturn things anytime he feels like it. To make things even worse for his administration, the Russian parliament seems to support the idea of separating Crimea from Ukraine.

Russian soldiers have reportedly surrounded a military camp in Crimea, effectively preventing their Ukrainian counterparts from moving in or out. They have also taken control of a ferry terminal in Kerch. A recent ministry statement from Russia revealed that Chinese foreign minister and his Russian counterparts had a telephone conversation and shared the same perspective regarding the crisis in Crimea.

Analysts predict that if the Crimea alliance gains ground, it might mark the end of America’s dominance in global affairs. According to a source in Russia who sought anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter, President Putin is rumored to be cementing ties with rising economies by striking various secret deals. Since the U.S. is widely seen as the most powerful nation on earth at the moment, Putin seems to be interested in creating a new world order that will eventually mark the fall of America.

Opinion By Andrew Wandola


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