Elvis and Jesus: the Way They Were Similar


Some people might not like to see the names Jesus Christ and Elvis Presley in the same sentence, but there are physical similarities in the way they lived, worked, and were loved that is worth mention. Elvis affected the western world to such an extent some people relate his impact to Jesus Christ of the theological realm. Though it is of personal opinion, this is the way Elvis and Jesus were similar.

One blogger points out, though rather humorously, that Jesus was considered the Lord’s shepherd, and it is commonly known that Elvis actually dated Cybill Shepherd. Elvis was also a member of an early trio band, as Jesus Christ is cited as being part of what is known as the holy trinity doctrine. Some reports even claim Elvis walked on water, though perhaps myth; he was a pretty good surfer. Elvis and Jesus are also both Capricorn, if Jesus’ birthday anniversary counts (Christmas). Matthew was an author of a book in the Bible detailing a biography of Jesus, as Neil Matthews wrote a biography on Elvis. Jesus lived in a state of Grace among the eastern lands, as Elvis spent much of his time in Graceland.

The father of Jesus is allegedly everywhere, as some claim Elvis’ father was everywhere also, as a drifter.

In many more ways similarities can be found between Elvis Presley and Jesus Christ, for instance, Jesus believed everyone should “love thy neighbor,” as did Elvis when he said “don’t be cruel.” Elvis’ Memphis Mafia included 12 close friends, and allegedly Jesus’ entourage, or Apostles, included 12 members, or disciples. Jesus’ appearance was like “lightning,” and his clothes were “white as snow.” Elvis wore white jumpsuits with a lightning bolt sewed-in the sides. Mary was an important woman in Jesus’ life, and she allegedly had an Immaculate Conception. Priscilla was an important woman in Elvis’ life, and who attended Immaculate Conception High School.

Elvis had an extensive impact on American culture, and culture virtually everywhere his music was heard. According to Rolling Stone Magazine, Elvis made rock ‘n’ roll the international language of pop.

Robert Plant, musician and songwriter, describes meeting Elvis in person. Though Elvis was not as tall as he, Plant complimented Elvis’ build as having a “singer’s build…and that chest–the resonator.” He describes Elvis as being a transformer, and more, a person who gets euphoria flowing within himself as he sang. He was one of the very few artists who could use their voice in a style of transfiguration, taking himself and the listener into another world. This “otherworldliness” was something Plant attributed to Elvis, having motivated Plant in becoming a better musician after their “illuminating” meeting in the early 70s.

In 1956, The Wall Street Journal business journalist Louis M. Kohlmeier wrote, “Elvis Presley today is a business,” and it is still a business existing to this day. Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. (EPE) was the corporate entity created to conduct business and manage assets following the King’s death. Today, EPE has been reported by one source earning roughly $12 million annually. The official website for the EPE states that the CORE Media Group now allegedly has 85 percent interest in the company of real and intellectual properties. Lisa Marie retains 15 percent ownership of the company, but 100 percent ownership of the Graceland mansion. Her father’s image is still turning profits in many countries, somewhat immortalizing the King. As for Jesus, of course he still plays a major role in the United States and elsewhere, but so too does Elvis, and it is in this way they are similar.

Opinion By Lindsey Alexander


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  1. Kenneth Presley   May 11, 2017 at 3:25 am

    I realize this is a joking comparison, Just an FYI- Any real Elvis fan that knows anything about him would know that Elvis HATED being called “the King” He stated there is only one KING that is Christ. But he didn’t mind so much being called The King of Rock N Roll. Elvis was no fool he also said that he wasn’t KING he was just a entertainer. A very humble man, who knew who he was dispite people making all the fuss, a great entertainer, the King of rock, just a generous loving person.

  2. fran ventry   March 16, 2014 at 6:39 am



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