Grammy Winner Lecrae Tries NBA for Size

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At the very least, consider Atlanta Hawks fans, glad to have a local on the team for 10 days. The Houston-born, Grammy winner, Lecrae, is trying the NBA for size – on a 10-day contract. Popular as a Gospel rap star and Atlanta resident, Lecrae Moore, is known much for his inner-city outreach with ReachLife and primarily for his acclaimed music efforts with Reach Records and collaborations with many Southern rappers like Paul Wall, B.O.B. and Bun B.

On Lecrae’s Facebook today included a personalized post that read,

“Just got a 10 day contract. I’m bout to heat that bench up!! Now my wife can be the mediator on basketball wives! #AirballAsassin”

Four hours later he humbly continued,

“I told the Rockets and Thunder they missed out on a good thing. I got a good 3 minutes in me! I call a mean timeout, and My bench warming skills are beyond comprehension. #NBA

His basketball credentials are minimal outside of being athletically fashionable and the occasional post of a workout with a fellow Reach Record member.

A 2013 Grammy winner, Best Gospel Album, for Gravity (2012), released from the record label co-founded with a friend, Lecrae and Reach Records have been enjoying the success of GravityChurch Clothes 2, his newest compilation, and music from the many other Reach artists. Gravity gave Lecrae faithful a fun ride by remaining on the Billboard 200 for 17 weeks peaking at number 3. It sold 70,490 units in the first week, a record breaker, and landed #1 position in the independent and rap album categories respectively. This was merely a prelude to his 2013 mixtape, Church Clothes 2, which has seen fair airtime.

Lecrae, relatively unknown to the broad community of music consumers, is building a fan base in the hip hop, most notably Christian rap genre. He claims on a blog featured on his label’s site that he partly entered rap because many Christian rappers weren’t conveying the message he had learned through seeing he could still look slick and be a role model simultaneously, his leading to faith and ultimatum to be considered a Gospel rapper. Eyeing another stage, Lecrae, the Grammy winner, is a member of the NBA – for now.

Releasing his first studio album off of the Atlanta founded, Reach Records, in 2004, Lecrae has seen his share of success since Rebel, a 2008 album about his past experiences and refusal to conform to what got him into trouble before the age of nineteen. On his artist biography, his mother is credited for raising him in Houston, TX, an homage to the deep Southern appreciation for hip hop that houses other acts like Big K.R.I.T. and Reach rappers, Trip Lee and Derek Minor.

As said on his Facebook page, he denounces the Oklahoma City Thunder and Houston Rockets for missing on his talents. The Atlanta Hawks are entering a two-game home stand at Philips Arena, where Lecrae will await his three-minute exposé on the hardwood. While Reach Records artists are hard at work, the 116 Clique (Reach Records group) gets busy on the beats, husband and father, Lecrae will exercise his abilities in the NBA – for 10 days,

By Luke Osicka

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