Lady Gaga Dumped by Akon

Lady Gaga

Controversial American pop star Lady Gaga has been dumped by Akon. In an interview with DJ Sway, the popular Senegalese R&B singer revealed that he decided to dump Lady Gaga because her musical career was on the decline. He described the situation as a matter of taking advantage of something while it is still trending and leaving it when it drops in popularity. When asked if he was still working with the Poker Face songstress, Akon replied, “Actually, I cashed out.”

“When I reached the peak where I believed that there was nowhere else it could go, and there was no other way than going down, I decided to cash out. In short, I decided to sell my share and get out before it was too late,” he added.

One of the deejays present during the interview also noted that Gaga’s ARTPOP album had not been as successful as her previous ones and Akon clearly agreed to that. He even added that the low performance of her most recent album was one of the major reasons why he decided to dump her.

Akon has played a crucial part in propelling Gaga’s career to higher levels. He helped Gaga compose her debut single Just Dance, which became an instant hit all over the world. Lady Gaga has been quoted several times complaining how she lost some of her friends at a time she needed them most. She also accused some of them for being too greedy but not so caring.

Meanwhile, despite all the recent allegations, Gaga’s publicity stunts do not seem to fade very soon. Her fashion code has always been a great topic for debates all over the country and beyond.

Last night, the controversial star showed up at a concert in New York City almost naked. What she wore can as well be rated as one of her most revealing outfits ever. The outfit was made up of sheer body stocking from top to bottom and a few patches of red beautiful flowers to cover her private parts and other strategic places.

The stockings were so transparent that one could clearly see her flesh-colored G-string and some tattoos on her body. Gaga is said to be celebrating her 28th birthday in style regardless of all the attention and controversy surrounding her life. It will be interesting to find out if Akon will be among the invited guests after his recent comments about Gaga.

Akon still maintained that his record label is no longer in partnership with Lady Gaga even as she tried to defend herself several times against the claims of being dumped. Before the alleged decline of her musical career, Gaga was once ranked 4th in the list of the Top 100 Greatest Women in Music and named among The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women from 2010-2013. The Time magazine also mentioned her as one of the most influential people in the world.

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