Miley Cyrus Rejects Simon Cowell Proposal

Miley Cyrus

It seems controversial American songstress Miley Cyrus was serious when she sang, “Remember only God can judge ya.” Earlier last week, there were reports that she could join Britain’s talent show The X Factor but the 21-year-old superstar has refuted the claims. Renowned judge Simon Cowell had proposed the inclusion of Miley Cyrus in the upcoming season but this does not seem to happen anytime soon.

Simon once revealed that he met the Wrecking Ball singer and he really liked her. He described her as a lady with an independent opinion and that is the kind of attitude needed for the famous talent search show. He also expressed his wish to have his old American Idol colleagues Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson in the upcoming show.

It would be fascinating to watch Abdul, Cowell, Jackson and Cyrus as judges on the same show. Millions of fans had hoped to watch the twerking sensation as a judge but it seems Cyrus does not prefer judging anyone despite the fact that she has been judged countless times her critics.

According to a representative for the occasional pop star, Simon has higher chances of getting Ghandi or Elvis as a judge than Miley Cyrus. The appearance of the 21-year-old singer would increase the viewership of the already popular talent show by a huge margin but sources close to the production crew insist that the idea of luring Cyrus into the show has not yet been overruled.

However, The X Factor show received a major boost thanks to the return of Cheryl Cole who had been absent for several years. Simon is still looking for a strong panel of judges to grace the upcoming season but Cyrus’ representative explained that the controversial singer wished to concentrate on her music career.

Miley is currently on the Bangerz tour in the U.S. and her representative admits she has a very tight schedule. In May, she will be performing in the UK to promote her album therefore making it almost impossible for her to feature in The X Factor talent search show.

“Miley is one of the biggest names in the world of music at the moment. She has no plans of joining a talent search show as a judge. She is having the time of her life. Her new album Bangerz has proved to be a huge success and she now wants to focus on releasing another one. At the moment, all she cares about is making her music and performing,” her representative explained.

There were some rumors that Rihanna would replace Miley Cyrus if the latter was unavailable for the talent show but Cowell dismissed them. He explained that he did not talk to Rihanna about her availability for the show because he knows that she has a lot of commitments this year.

As the new season of The X Factor is set to begin soon, it will be interesting to see whether original judge Louis Walsh will make a grand return. Louis was the former manager of Cheryl’s band Girls Aloud and during his tenure as the boss, he frequently criticized Cheryl’s singing capabilities. Cheryl on the other hand criticized Louis’s management skills but it seems there is no love lost between the two.

By Andrew Wandola


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