Washington Mudslide Survivors Tell Their Shocking Stories

Washington mudslide

Some people take life for granted not until they meet face to face with the harsh reality of death. The Washington mudslide is an example of an unfortunate incident that claimed innocent lives and according to rescuers, the death toll might rise higher as days go by. However, some few victims were lucky to survive the deadly mudslide that struck Washington last Saturday. Their shocking survival stories prove just how sometimes, a split second decision determines the difference between life and death. As the world continues hoping that the death toll will not rise beyond 24 as it is now, the fortunate survivors can never stop appreciating the fact that they have yet another chance to see a new day on earth.

Gary “Mac” McPherson

Gary “Mac” McPherson was having a nice time with his wife on Saturday morning. Little did he know that this was going to be the last time he was seeing his beloved soul mate alive. McPherson heard a roar from the hills and saw the trees crashing and twisting against each other. The massive hill came crushing on him and his wife too but his next decision saved his life.

At first, he thought it was a massive tornado but even before he could understand what it was exactly, the two lovebirds were already buried in a heap of mud. Realizing the danger, he decided to take six quick breaths and relax. This decision gave him the courage to face his fears and as a result, he started digging his way out. The pain of losing his 69-year-old wife in the deadly Washington mudslide was too much for him to bear. McPherson, 81, spent two days in hospital and after being discharged, he now lives with his extended family.

Robin Youngblood

Before Robin Youngblood heard the roaring sound of a helicopter in the distance, she had already gone through one of her worst moments in life. She could only remember herself praying to God to let His will be done. She then let herself loose and waited for death but it seems Saturday was not yet her day.

The 63-year-old woman started digging through the mud and water as she looked for a way out. Her only hope was to find a little space to breathe but she was lucky to pull herself out of the whole mess. She also narrated how the roof of her house landed in a different direction, which was a huge advantage to her. It would have been almost impossible to dig through the mud had the roof settled on top of her. Youngblood and her fellow survivor Jetty Dooper were then rescued by Randy Fay, a volunteer with the Snohomish County Helicopter Rescue Team.

Jacob Spillers

This is probably the most astonishing survival story in the world at the moment. The 4-year-old Washington mudslide survivor narrated to journalists how he was with his father and three siblings at home watching television on that fateful weekend. He was the only one who made it out of the building, and the video of his rescue has since gone viral. His father and the remaining three children are still missing. At least 100 people have been reported missing after the deadly Washington mudslide but according to authorities, they are still hoping for a miracle similar to the story of Jacob’s rescue.

By Andrew Wandola


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