Afghanistan Will Rise Again


Following the ongoing elections in the Asian country, there is so much evidence to believe that Afghanistan will rise again. The country has witnessed a massive turnout of voters despite the numerous threats from the Taliban that they will do anything in their power to distract the much-anticipated democratic process.

It is evident to many regional analysts that Afghans are ready to free their country from the jaws of terror groups that have turned their land into a battle ground. These efforts were spearheaded by Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai who encouraged the citizens to turn out in large numbers and exercise their democratic right. President Karzai had also promised to step down peacefully for the next president.

Additionally, it is encouraging  for many to see how strong the electoral commission has been throughout the elections. Despite the numerous attacks from the Taliban, the electoral officials have insisted that they are determined to fulfill the task mandated to them by the government and the citizens at large. The electoral team has promised to ensure that the voice of the people is respected through a free and fair election.

The task will now be on the next government to see to it that the country does not crumble back to the shadows of war that has hindered economic growth. The new Afghanistan should now focus on encouraging both local and international investment as one of the surest ways of regaining its lost glory.

There is a strong feeling that the greatest challenge for the new president may be to restore lasting peace and order in the country. The threat of terrorist attacks was evident when 211 out of the total 6,623 polling stations could not be opened because of insecurity reasons. There were reports that some people were fleeing the polling stations just to be safe from suicide bombings and other acts of terror.

Such acts, viewed by many in the region and internationally as cowardly and wicked,  by the Taliban will not likely stop Afghanistan from rising again. The best thing about it is the fact that the country has already shown the will to rise against its ugly past and face a better future. The country made headlines all over the world on Friday when two journalists were shot in the eastern province of Khost. Award-winning German photographer Anja Niedringhaus was shot and killed while Canadian reporter Kathy Gannon injured.

The Taliban also claimed responsibility for the killing of a provincial council candidate and 9 of his supporters. This comes just a few weeks after yet another prominent journalist, Sardar Ahmad, was killed in an attack in central Kabul.

Despite all the risks involved, 75 percent of Afghans revealed that they were willing to vote. This is according to a survey conducted by the Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan. This is quite a good number considering the recent political instability in the country.

The return of live television debates, fairness and social freedom is yet another reason to believe that Afghanistan is set to rise again. Just a decade ago, television had been banned in the country under Taliban rule. Afghans are now enjoying unique democracy and freedom and this is one of the most important steps toward rebuilding their nation.

Opinion By Andrew Wandola



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