Flight MH370: Meet the Prophet Who Warned the World About It

Flight MH370

Flight MH370

The whole world has been watching in shock the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 but on the other hand, a Nigerian preacher has revealed that he had initially warned the whole world about it. Whether he is a false prophet or not, T.B. Joshua has been making headlines all over Africa and some parts of Europe due to his shocking prophesies. In one of his sermons, he explained that a large plane carrying more than 200 people would develop a mechanical fault on the tarmac in an Asian nation.

The video released in 2013 has since gone viral. The self-proclaimed prophet explained that the incident would be caused by what he termed as “impatience” in addressing a fixable fault.

“We have to pray for this Asian country. I will not mention the specific country but God showed it to me. I can see a very huge balloon. But what is the cause of all this? The plane was just about to take off when the fault started. This clearly means that the fault could have been discovered on the tarmac but they were impatient,” explained the renowned preacher.

“I am even planning to send a letter to the embassy of that Asian country just to warn them in advance. The plane will be huge and there are so many things that should be considered before flying it but because of their impatience, they were unable to do so.”

Coincidentally, the missing Flight MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia just after midnight on Saturday. Its disappearance has left aviation experts, investigators and the authorities clueless up to now. According to T.B. Joshua’s prophecy, the plane would have more than 200 people on board and amazingly, flight MH370 had 239 people on board by the time it disappeared off the radar.

T.B. Joshua’s critics have challenged part of his prophesies that seem too obvious. For example, it is quite normal for such huge planes to have more than 200 passengers on board. Most people would believe the self-styled preacher if he had specified the exact number of people aboard the missing plane, rather than providing a rough estimate that seems pretty obvious.

A week after the disappearance of the ill-fated plane, T.B. Joshua announced that the rescuers should start searching between the Indian Ocean and Indonesia. This was quite debatable considering the fact that the rescuers were already searching the spot 24 hours before his announcement. He also explained that there are some strange people in the plane who were not meant to be inside. According to him, there was a brief midair battle and the pilot decided to turn the plane back but failed. He even announced that by the coming week, the world will no longer be talking about the missing plane because it should be discovered by then.

These are some of the numerous questions that cast a shadow of doubt over T.B. Joshua’s warning to the world about the missing flight MH370. Religious books insist that God does not lie and if T.B. Joshua is truly sent by God to deliver his message, then he might have edited part of it.

By Andrew Wandola

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  1. So what did the ‘prophet’ Joshua do to avert the disaster ? Are lives saved through such ‘prophecy’ ?
    Joseph was sold to Egypt to rescue the affected victims and eventually saved his household. Moses lead his people out of Egypt. Jesus knew about his suffering, death and resurrection before fulfilling it with many witnesses at that time.
    Simple wisdom will lead you to the correct teaching and understanding of Jesus.
    Isn’t God’s grace enough to lead you through in your life journey on earth ?

  2. Can you kindly prophesise on Malaysia’s current government, whether there will be a change for the good of the citzens.

  3. That is your problem you dont believe prophets yet your experts have failed to find a single piece of that large aircraft. He said search for the plane how could he know if he is in Nigeria and far away from the sea yet he warned people and you did not take him seriously. Its a shame to you reporter you think you know you are a steam of darkness just like the Malaysian authorities who shunned the message from a Man of God. Shame on you all Shame Shame on you

  4. 3 weeks had gone by and people are still talking about this and nothing has been discovered. So what does that tell you?

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