Fort Hood Shooting: The Facts and Figures

Fort Hood Shooting

It has been much-publicized that 34-year-old army specialist Ivan Lopez is the man behind the tragic Fort Hood shooting incident that claimed 4 lives and injured 16. However, there are some little-known facts and figures about the unfortunate incident that most people do not know about. As investigators continue searching for the major cause of the shooting spree, there are some few facts about the shooter that prove he lived a normal life just like any other human being not until hell broke loose.

Lopez was an active soldier who later became a truck driver before the Fort Hood shooting incident. During the fateful attack, he was wearing Army fatigues. He also served in the Army National Guard in Puerto Rico then joined his counterparts in Iraq. He was allegedly suffering from depression and anxiety. Even though he was not shot or wounded in action while on duty, he revealed that he had a brain injury since he returned from Iraq. According to the father of one of the victims, Lopez opened fire after being told that his leave request could not last more than 24 hours.

Lopez started living near the Fort Hood area since February 2014. When the Fort Hood shooting incident happened, most media houses claimed it was a “soldier-on-soldier” kind of battle and not related to terrorism in any way. He was married to his wife and they had a daughter together. However, he also had 2 children from a previous relationship, bringing the total tally to 3. His wife is said to be showing signs of cooperation with the authorities as they investigate the main cause of the shooting spree.

According to Edgardo Arlequin, the Mayor of Guaynilla, Puerto Rico, Lopez was a quiet boy with dedicated parents. His mother had just died of heart attack but just before her death, Lopez also lost his grandfather. There reports that he may have been annoyed by the fact that the military gave him only 24 hours off to attend his mother’s funeral. This is according to a close friend of the shooter. His friend also revealed that he had spoken to Lopez some few days before the shooting incident only to discover that Lopez had been robbed just recently.

During the Food Hood shooting incident, Lopez finally shot himself in the head after he was cornered by a female officer. He reportedly walked into the building and opened fire using a new .45-caliber semi-automatic pistol, got into a nearby vehicle, continued firing and then he entered into a different building. A military police at the parking lot cornered him before he decided to shoot himself in the head.

Another fact that many have found shocking about the Fort Hood shooting incident is that all those who died or got injured were military personnel close to the shooter. A memorial will be held next week to commemorate the lives of the deceased and President Barrack Obama is expected to grace the event. Authorities are still investigating the main cause of the shooting incident. Another publicized incident took place at the same Texas base and claimed the lives of 13 people back in 2009.

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