Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Relationship: Time for Obama to Intervene?

Justin Bieber

Last week, there were reports that popular actress and singer Selena Gomez had fired her mother as her manager. This came just a few days after a section of the media revealed that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were planning to take their on and off relationship to an extra mile by collaborating in a new song. However, this raised the question of whether Selena Gomez had been acting under the instructions of a second party, probably Bieber, or out of her own independent decisions.

Justin is not new to controversy; the teenage music sensation has been accused of spitting on his fans from the balcony, breaking traffic rules, peeing in a bucket, attacking paparazzi, egging his neighbors and so much more. Selena Gomez, on the other hand, has managed to stay out of controversy, dress decently and portray the good-girl image. Her recent decision to fire both her mother and stepfather is quite shocking. According to sources close to the talented actress, she decided to fire her mother and stepdad because she felt that she had outgrown them and deserved better.

It is sad to watch Selena making such thankless decisions but it is even sadder to watch her dating someone who makes even worse decisions than she has been making of late. Selena’s fans fear that she might grow up to become the next Miley Cyrus since both celebrities started from the bottom until money and fame ruined them. Even though Selena is widely seen as a decent lady, this perception fades the more she continues dating a guy like Justin.

Earlier this year, furious Americans presented a petition to Obama’s administration requesting Justin Bieber’s immediate deportation. In the petition, the irate citizens described Bieber as a “threat to the nation’s youth and a disgrace to the pop culture.” As usual, the U.S. government has always been on the forefront in protecting its citizens against foreign invasion. Maybe this is the right time for the same government to consider Justin Bieber, a Canadian, as a threat to the youth of the United States starting with Selena Gomez.

President Obama’s administration should now consider taming Bieber, even if he has to be deported back to Canada. After all, the deportation will not affect his voice. He can still sing from his native country and the whole world, including America, will not have a problem listening to him.

Even though it seems ridiculous for the government to intervene in such a relationship, maybe this is necessary considering the fact that Selena is showing signs of losing her own dignity to Justin. Sources close to him recently revealed that the pop star has been bragging to his friends about how he and Selena film themselves while making love and it might not take long before the tapes leak. Selena should have been wise enough to realize that if they leak, this might just be the beginning of the end of her career courtesy of his controversial boyfriend.

Selena is a beautiful girl with a bright past and a brighter future. If Obama’s government was lenient enough to tolerate Justin Bieber’s lawlessness in the country, then it should not be lenient enough to watch him spoil its beloved youth. But if that is impossible, the government should send someone to explain to Bieber the “do’s and don’ts” of dating American women. Maybe this kind of intervention will help. It is all about protecting the citizens from external bad influence and that is the responsibility of the American government.

Opinion by Andrew Wandola

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