Justin Bieber Took Revenge on Drake Bell?

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Singing sensation Justin Bieber is quite accustomed with the criticism he has faced throughout his career. Many well-known celebrities did not hesitate to voice their annoyance but there was one person of course who has been quite consistent in criticizing the renowned singer over social media. Recently, Justin Bieber dropped in at Drake Bell’s album launch party, which is seen by many as an attempt of joyful revenge on the 27-year-old star.

Drake Bell clearly showed that he is not a fan of Justin Bieber as he called Justin Bieber a talentless singer on Twitter and also said that Justin Bieber’s graffiti was as bad as his music. In an interview with Buzzfeed, he announced that the ‘Never Say Never’ singer is sending a bad message to the fans. The 20 year old singer remained quiet and didn’t show any reaction to such statement. However, last Thursday, Justin Bieber went to Drake Bell’s album release party and he clearly proved that action speaks louder than words. Fans in the party went crazy and there were absolute chaos, as per the reports.

Justin posted a recent video on Instagram saying that it was nice to see his fans sat at the grove that night. According to the information by TMZ, Justin Bieber posted and then deleted another photo of Bell on Instagram. The photo was about how Bell looked at the crowed and said that Justin Bieber’s sprinter van was getting more attention than his album release named Ready Set Go.

It didn’t take much time for the fans to catch Justin Bieber’s prank on twitter on April 18 with a tagline of ‘Drake Bell Flop Party’. Bell was actively campaigning for deporting Justin Bieber back to Canada and twitted that he was very sorry for not letting Justin Bieber in. This is a true incident as many Justin Bieber fans were anxiously waiting for the reply from the White House. But three months after the petition was filed, the Obama administration responded by saying “No comment”. Nearly 300,000 people signed the petition to deport him back to Canada. This petition was created after the pop singer was arrested in Miami, Florida, for drag racing with friends.

The two singers did not come face-to-face with each other during the ordeal, but was close enough to see each other. Justin Bieber’s van drove inside the venue where the party was taking place, causing the fans to rush towards the car with hopes of seeing Justin Bieber.

After some time 20 year old singer rolled down his van’s window and shook his head to distract the crowd from the main event. It was a planned move of the “Never Say Never” star, it seems, which got Justin Bieber his revenge over Drake Bell.

Later, the 27 year old star twitted, that he was grateful that Justin Bieber came to his party but was sad that they did not let Justin Bieber in. Many may ask the question whether this act was really necessary or not. No, not really but neither was the finger wagging disposition, loogie launching, or the brawl with paparazzi!

The plan worked for Justin Bieber as he was able to distract the main event and divert people’s attention towards him. Nevertheless, Drake Bell responded over twitter and kept on the fight. The album release party was the perfect spot for Bieber to plan his revenge for the twitter fight over Drake Bell, it seems. The fight is still on and people are waiting for the next move to conquer the social media again!

By Sunando Basu

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