Lindsay Lohan Has a Mixed Week: A High and a Low


The many trials and tribulations of Lindsay Lohan are literally being documented every second – not just by the news media that seems to report on her every move, but also by the camera crew following the starlet’s life and filming it for the Oprah Winfrey-produced documentary series Lindsaywhich currently airing every Sunday night. Within the last couple days alone, she has been in the news for multiple reasons – some reasons have been very positive for the actress, who has been attempting to get her career on track, and some deeply negative.

Despite constant press, Lohan has not had much legitimate acting work over the last couple years, save for the independent features The Canyons and the much-derided Lifetime Liz Taylor biopic Liz and Dick. So on the positive side, Lohan had a genuine guest appearance on the popular and well-rated sitcom 2 Broke Girls. Not only did she get some of the genuine work that has been eluding the former Mean Girls star lately, but it was actually a well-received and well-reviewed appearance. The Daily Beast praised the performance, finding her to have good comedic timing in the role and suggesting that the appearance proved that she still has acting ability after all. For Lohan, who insists repeatedly on the documentary series that she wants to be taken seriously once again and that all she desires is to work, this has to be exactly the kind of news she wants to hear.

Unfortunately, the 2 Broke Girls appearance was not the only Lindsay-related news to make headlines this week. Aside from her desire to work, another major component of the Lindsay documentary series is Lohan’s struggle to stay clean and sober following a much-publicized stint in rehab. Despite this, Radar Online is reporting that while attending the popular music festival Coachella, she broke her sobriety and relapsed. This is disheartening, especially given that according the the sources in that article, this is a pattern she has repeated over and over.

Addiction and alcohol abuse are problems that have plagued the entire Lohan family. Lindsay’s mother, Dina, pled guilty this week to charges of drunk driving after being caught driving with a blood alcohol level that was over twice the legal limit. Lindsay herself has had many run-ins with the law related both to drinking on its own and to driving while drinking. According to the National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence, the greatest indicator of being at risk for a problem with drug or alcohol dependency is family history. The fact that Lohan’s parents struggle with this issues may have had a major influence on her development and resulted in the life she has today, both from a hereditary standpoint, a significant component of addiction can be genetic – and from the environment that she was raised in leading to a pattern of behavior.

Despite Lohan’s possible lapse in sobriety, her documentary series maintains that she is on a path towards staying clean. Some disagree, feeling that the show is actually showing a young woman who is deluding herself and not taking good steps to stay clean. In fact, Rosie O’Donnell took to her Twitter and called the show a tragedy, and voiced her hope that someday the actress will get sober “for real”. Hopefully Lohan is able to maintain her sobriety and continue work the way she insists she wants to, then maybe the headlines will stay more about her acting triumphs than her sobriety defeats.

Opinion by Alex Warheit

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