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Texas Couple Claim They Have Caught a Chupacabra

Texas Couple Claim They Have Caught A Chupacabra

In Texas, a couple is claiming they have caught one of the mysterious “chupacabra”. That is one of the alleged mythological animals which are supposed to attack livestock. In the small town of Ratcliffe, the citizens there believe for certain they have found the chupacabra and that this time it is alive.

Ratcliffe dweller Jackie Stock stated that her husband was able to catch one of the creatures on Sunday evening. She stated that he gave her a call and told her to come look at what he had. She said that she told him the animal looked like a baby chupacabra.

It has large claws, a hairless back, numerous teeth and a fierce growl and since that describes a chupacabra perfectly, so there are many individuals that are saying this animal is fitting the bill.

Legend says that chupacabras suck the blood of other animals such as goats and cattle. Even though there has never been any actual evidence the creature exists, there have been chupacabra sightings reported all the way from South America to the southern part of the United States.

One resident of Ratcliffe who saw the alleged chupacabra, stated that he has hunted raccoons for over 20 years with dogs and that he had never seen anything that looked like what he saw trapped inside the cage in the Stock’s backyard. He stated that one of the main signs that the animal was not a raccoon was its strange growl.

The resident added that a raccoon did not make such a noise, or a possum. What makes that kind of growl? A chupacabra must, the Ratcliffe citizen shrugged.

Many people who live in the region are completely convinced that this is the mysterious chupacabra; however wildlife experts are not so quick to jump on the bandwagon.

Brent Ortego, who works as a Wildlife Biologist with Texas Wildlife and Parks, explained that he believes the animal inside the cage was as best as he could tell was some kind of small canine. He said a canine could range from being a dog or coyote to even being a fox. He believes the animal is suffering from mange and that is what caused it to lose all of its hair. However, as for it being the elusive chupacabra, he is not so quick to jump on the bandwagon.

Ortego declared that it has never been proven that the chupacabra is a distinctive species. It has always just been something out there in the wild that supposedly was to bring harm to livestock. There has never been any tangible proof.

Whether it is a chupacabra or not, at this time the small animal is living at the Stock household and is eating a diet of corn and cat food. It will continue to do so until someone is able to actually discover what the little animal really is.

Stock explained that her and her husband want to find out for sure what the creature is because they have never seen anything like it before.  The couple thinks they have caught one of the mysterious “chupacabra” but they do not know for sure.

By Kimberly Ruble


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