Avril Lavigne ‘Don’t Stand So Close To Me’ Meet & Greet

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Avril Lavigne 'Don't Stand So Close To Me' Meet & Greet

The latest news about the Hello Kitty singer Avril Lavigne shows that she may want to appease her fans with Meet and Greet photo sessions but she’s gone all Police in terms of personal space, like the song says Don’t Stand So Close To Me. Apparently while down south of the border, as in way south; beyond Mexico and winding up in Brazil south, fans were paying around $400 a pop to get their picture taken with their Sk8er Boi idol.

Turns out that there were more rules than Carter’s got little pills involved in taking a snap with the 29 year-old singer/songwriter/actress. According to BuzzFeed, and several other websites, fans were not allowed to touch the performer, make eye contact, or stand too close to the Canadian artist.

What is amazing about the pictures posted in the various articles with Avril and her besotted fans is that she manages to have the exact same expression in each and every photograph. One site points out that fans could have had more interaction with a wax model of the singer, but in at least one picture Avril makes the same hand gesture as her overly enthusiastic photo partner.

Included in the Don’t Stand So Close To Me rules of engagement with Avril Lavigne and her Meet & Greet in Brazil was that the $400 fee did not allow the purchaser the right to hug the artist or to speak to her. Really? Certainly the pictures shown of her event in Brazil depict some pretty awkward moments in front of the camera but is this really what it seems?

Avril Lavigne 'Don't Stand So Close To Me' Meet & Greet
A little close for comfort…

BuzzFeed spends quite a lot of time comparing a Rihanna Meet & Greet with Avril’s Brazilian M & G. Photos comparing the two in their interaction with fans shows an astonishing difference. Rihanna isn’t the only artist to “get down and dirty” with her fans though. Bad boy Justin Bieber gets very personal with his fans and his ex girlfriend Selena Gomez is not adverse to a little touchy feely with her fans either.

So why is Lavigne avoiding all contact with those fans who plunked out a lot of cash to have their picture taken with her? Even Tom Cruise has been known to take photographs with fans’ cell phones that include a selfie with the phones’ owner…for free. There must be another reason behind the singer’s standoffish behaviour in South America.

Lavigne loves her fans, she even went to Japan and risked the ire of politically correct fascists everywhere by making a music video that lauded the Japanese culture. The song was not meant for release in the west and despite that it has entered the charts on Billboard and been torn apart by accusers who claim that she is being racist. How’s that for devotion to one’s fans?

Avril Lavigne 'Don't Stand So Close To Me' Meet & Greet
This over enthusiastic fan may explain the mandatory distance between Avril and fans…

Perhaps Avril Lavigne was ill and did not want to spread her germs all over the poor Brazilian fans who paid out $400 for the photo op. There could be any number of reasons that the Canadian singer’s Meet & Greet had the Don’t Stand So Close To Me theme. The singer may have a chance to explain via her Twitter account or by being a bit more demonstrative towards her fans at the next photo opportunity. Time, and distance, will tell.

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