Revenge Sees Craziest Finale Twists

RevengeNote: This article contains spoilers from the Revenge season finale, and considers plots for season four.

The Revenge finale saw some of the craziest twists ever, not to mention two deaths of major characters. With news that it is getting a season four, it’s worth considering just where the show is going to go. What does this mean for the Graysons and Emily Thorne?

Emily has lost everyone around her now; at least she thinks she has. The last blow was seeing Aiden Mathis dead on her couch. That was cold, even for Victoria Grayson, but it gave the young lady the ammunition she needed to get the medalling ex-mother-in-law locked away. However, Victoria is not in jail. She is in a psych ward, and presumably none of her children know. The question is whether they will find out, or whether Victoria will remain there for most of season four.

The Graysons have lost another family member, with Conrad Grayson finally biting the dust. Something had to happen when he was sneaked out of jail by one of the guards. The question is whether the guard knew that the car coming to pick Conrad up had the one man who deserves to get revenge.

For those who feel very sorry for Emily because of all she has lost, there is no need to any more. The craziest twist of the finale saw David Clarke return, and he even got his own revenge by stabbing Conrad the way he was stabbed in jail. Season four has to tell David’s story of how he snuck out of jail and where he has been the last three seasons. It will be worth watching just to see him reveal his identity to Emily.

There are a lot of questions surrounding this relationship. Did he know about his daughter’s journey for revenge? Is he happy that his daughter has taken this path? Will he help her finish everything that she started, and make sure Victoria really pays? Of course, there is also the matter of Charlotte. Is she finally going to find out that Emily is really Amanda, and her sister?

That is not all for the Grayson family. Daniel is in some hot water with a dead girl in his hotel room. It has all been orchestrated by Margaux’s brother, but Nolan knows something and it is sure to backfire on him. Everything in the Hamptons seems to at some point; just look at the season two finale. However, Daniel has no idea what happened that night, clearly by just inviting Margaux around for a night-cap. It will be interesting to see how he talks his way out of this, especially without daddy around.

Emily is still going to be out for revenge in the new season, but it is not likely for her father. There is no doubt that Victoria will be released, and she will also be out to avenge her lover’s death. After all, Victoria believes Emily played a part in Pascal’s death. Season four could be the show’s final season—although nothing has been confirmed yet—but it is already setting up to be the biggest season yet, just based on the craziest season finale twist Revenge has seen.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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